Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alien Predators From Above

The other day all my sparrows and pigeons had disappeared. Well, they aren't mine but they do like to hang out and chow down on all the crumbs that the morning feeding frenzy of the parrots has left strewn all over. Great way not to have to clean the feeder: let the smaller birds do it!

But, they wasn't around! Very odd, thought I. I had a look in one of the trees they like to hang out in and I saw a bird that I hadn't seen here before. Looked kinda predatory too. Out came the binoculars and the camera, and, sure enough, there was a bird of prey hanging out in the backyard.

Meet the alien predator from above:

This bloke is what's know around here in Oz as a brown goshawk. They eat sparrows, finches, small honey-eaters, and the occasional fat, dumb pigeon. Is it any wonder that when he showed up they all high-tailed it outta here? I would too. But don't worry, they were all back the next day, just not in as many numbers as usual. I suspect the goshawk had a meal or two on his way through.

I wasn't going to put these next two parrot pics up. They were both shot through the window and you can see the reflection on the blinds from another window on both pics. BUT they just look so cool so here ya go:

As I'm sure you've noticed, the galah is a female and she's fighting off the nasty little lorikeets so she can get her brekkie. You can tell she's a sheila cus of the eyes. Ahem... NO JOKE!


Mon said...

that bird knew right where to go to find some birds to chow on! I'm glad they were smart enough to steer clear, that wouldn't be fun.

Jim & Heather on "Meerkat" said...

Great pics again - love the eyes on the brown goshawk. I would even be afraid of that one... ha ha

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mon: Ummmm, actually, I was, sorta, kinda, hoping to just maybe "catch him in action"... Coulda made some great pics, eh?

Meerkat: I too like the eyes on the goshawk, wish he was closer so I could've got a better eye shot. The aren't too big, about 12 inches head to tail. They only feed on the little birds (of which there are loads of) and there's not way they'd be able to take any of the parrots.

Suzer said...

Hey Dave what ya doin for Independence Day. There's a picnic hosted by the AAA (no not that one, but the Australian American Assoc) on dogs and baseball, weather permitting.