Monday, June 23, 2008

FREE parrot screensaver

Cus I'm such a nice guy, I made a screensaver out of 12 of my birdie pics. It's in a ZIP file and it's only 1.2 megs so it won't take long to download. Inside the ZIP file is a .exe that is a self-extracting screensaver. There's no germs in it, but by all means run any type of virus scanner over the .exe to make you feel better, no worries.

Just click on this RIGHT HERE and tell it to save the file in whatever nomenclature your browser uses. Once you open the zip file then just run the .exe which is called Parrots From Oz.exe Gee, ain't I clever?

Sorry, but it's pc only as I don't have a mac.

Feel free to tell your friends about it and send them thisaway for them to download. Or you can share it around if you'd like, no worries.

Drop a comment here if you download it and let me know whether you like it or not. I can make more, no worries.

Oh, and here's a pic for you today since everyone who comes here only visits for the bird pics and not my clever wit cus y'all think I'm a moron (I was SURE I'd get more comments on yesterdays Fondling My Shaft post):

And since I'm SUCH a nice guy (just ask my BIL), you get a bonus pic today:

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