Friday, July 23, 2010

This was yesterday's food post

Since I hived off my food blog a few years ago I tend not to cross post. I think I've done it once before now. So make this 2!

Why? Cus I think y'all will like this.

Australian Sausage Rolls --With BACON!

Cus, like, seriously folks: Doesn't bacon just make any food that much better? I can picture it now... bacon flavoured ice cream... Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok, enough of that.

Sausage rolls are very Australian. Like SERIOUSLY Australian! If you are in the US then think of things like this:

mom & apple pie

baseball & hot dogs

nachos & beer

hot dogs & beer

football & beer

burgers, fries & beer

beer & beer

TV & beer gut

Ok, you all sorta get the message! Sausage rolls & Aussies just go together like any perfect combination you can think of.

What is an Aussie sausage roll? Did you know there's this thingy called "google"? They even have an image search function! I suggest you try it!

My homemade sausage rolls are a bit different from the norm (just like me) in the fact that mine include BACON! Bacon, sausage, and puff pastry! Can't beat that!

Here's what you need:

6 thin Aussie sausages (snags or bangers)
6 slices of Aussie bacon (12 if you use tiny US bacon slices)
3 sheets of puff pastry

Nice, short list of ingredients, eh?

What you do:

You first need to half-cook your sausages. If you are using hot dogs (BAD!!!!) then you can omit this step. Here's what a plate of half-cooked aussie sausages look like:

bacon and sausage roll 01

If you are curious, I use Slape n Sons sausages. Tasty, local, fresh.

Let the half-cooked sausages cool, and then wrap each one with a slice of bacon. If you use Aussie bacon, then you'll only need one slice per snag. If you use US bacon, then you'll need 2 bacon slices per snag. Here's why:
bacon and sausage roll 02
Just make sure you trim the rind (skin) off.

Don't forget to make fried worms with the bacon rinds!

Here's what your plate should now be looking like:
bacon and sausage roll 03
Don't worry if the bacon isn't tightly wrapped around the snags. Why? Cus bacon shrinks whilst cookin', doncha know.

Cook the bacon-wrapped, semi-cooked snags on 2 sides till they look something like this:
bacon and sausage roll 04

Let them cool and drain them of cooked bacon/snag fat. Just make sure you keep the drained fat for future use, of course. Once they are cool you get to break out the puff pastry sheets! Wee-Hoo!

bacon and sausage roll 05a

Just peel off 3 sheets and put the rest back in the freezer, no worries.
bacon and sausage roll 05

Obviously, let the puff pastry sheets thaw. {insert serious DUH factor here} It shouldn't take long for them to thaw, 30 mins maybe. by the time they are thawed, the 3/4 cooked, bacon-wrapped, Aussie sausages should be cool enough to handle with no worries.

Cut a pastry sheet in half. I use a pizza cutter, BTW. Wrap the half sheet around one of the snags. You'll find there's around about 2 inches you'll need to trim after wrapping the sausage.
bacon and sausage roll 06

Continue till they are all wrapped. Place them some sort of baking sheet or tray.
bacon and sausage roll 07

Do you remember the trimmed off-cuts of the puff pastry that you trimmed after wrapping the 3/4 cooked, bacon-wrapped, Aussie sausages? You should have a nice pile looking something like this:
bacon and sausage roll 07a

DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Heat some oil up and toss them in the hot oil. 30 to 40 seconds a side. You'll find the puff up HUGELY! A very tasty side snack, they do make.

Put the rolls in a hot oven (220 C or 440 F) until they look like this:
bacon and sausage roll 08

At this point you can just pick one up and eat it --let it cool a bit as they really hold their heat-- or you can put em in the fridge or freezer for later, no worries.

And they taste ohhhhhhh so good!


Suzer said...

Those look gorgeous! Hey, since you gave me a good rec for a food processor, got any recommendations on bread makers or stand mixers?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: I used to have a bread machine, it was a Breville. Nice, handy. I gave it away and I've gone back to making bread by hand --which I find much more fun. I've never used a stand mixer before so I can't give you a recce about which brand. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Glad the food processor is working out, I still have the same Kambrook and it's wonderful; used regularly!

Suzer said...

No worries. I'm hoping the breadmaker gets me going and then someday I 'graduate' to making by hand. Know I'll never get there otherwise. Love the food processor, although it can't cut up chips properly;) I also ended up with salsa soup when I tried to use it for that, but love it for soups, sausage meat etc.