Sunday, January 01, 2012

Alert! Alert! This is an ALERT!

Ai haz new zoftwear!

Now that both Wifey-Poo (The Most Wonderful Woman In The Entire World) and Yours Truly (that'd be me, don't swoon ladies I'm human) both have 'puters that'll run the latest version of this software, I decided to download the trial version earlier this arvo.

And I just had to of course play with it a bit as I was playing in the kitchen.

I'll just put up a few renders and I'm sure you will be able to figure out what software it is.




The sky is not a backdrop pic and zero post-render work was done.


Tania said...

This looks almost like Blue Lake, Mt Gambier, or somewhere in the Grampians perhaps? Fellow Adelaidean here.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Tania: Ah! I hadn't even thought about Blue Lake down in Gambier. I think I'll get some overhead and inside pics and see if I can modl it properly!

Never been to the Grampians, only seen pictures. I *think* I may be able to 3d model some of those lovely mountains.