Monday, March 12, 2012

Fine then, BE that way!

And see if I care!


Obviously my lame-assed attempt at audience participation udderly phailed.

Well, I've now got a pic that will pretty much guarantee comments! Would you like to see it? Of course you would:


Mmmmmmm, that makes me hungry mates! In fact, I may even may roo burgers today.

And no, roo pies are NOT like cow pies! But if you are wondering what that "type" of roo pie looks like... think moose nuggets! However, Aussies aren't crass enough to varnish em and sell em to tourists like Alaskans do! But you can get small purses that at one point in time housed a male roo's testicles.

Yes ladies, you CAN literally carry around the privates of a male! I'll bet Alaska's Worst Governor Ever would like one to keep Toady's junk in.

Next picture up is a sneak peek at a 3d seen (whoopsie, "scene"; darned tiepoes!) I'm working on. Keep in mind that every single bit of this picture is FAKE. The rocky desert landscape is FAKE. The crashed ship is FAKE (but have a squizz at the cockpit wreckage, it's great!). The steam plume from the engines is FAKE. The ship circling around is FAKE. The crappy looking engine tail glow (still working on that!) is FAKE. The clouds are FAKE.

Everything in the photo is FAKE! Which is exactly like the persona of The Creature From Lake Lucille, FAKE!
rocky desert4222

Oh, wait a sec mates! You probably can't make out the ultra cool detailing from that little pic.

Here's a much more bigger and much more better one!
rocky desert4222

Thoughts? Ideas? Snarky remarks?


Arvay said...

It looks like mars! So you can buy kangaroo meat? It's not considered illegal use of wild game, or whatever the equivalent would be for selling moose meat?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Arvay: Yeah, it does kinda! And I just saw John Carter (AFTER I made the scene) and the landscape is very similar!

Until the last few decades roo was only considered fit for dogs, if that. Fortunately attitudes are changing and we have a lot of roos!

The roo meat eaten down here are wild, open range roos. There are very strict licencing requirements for an individual to go thru to be a "harvester" including how to properly field dress.

Here are two very interesting articles about roo meat for human consumption in Oz:

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason there's no commercial moose meat market in Alaska is because the US used to have commercial wild game markets in the lower 48 which went horribly awry (Buffalo, waterfowl, so on). But if you think about it, fisheries are very similar to market hunting...

Other countries that only recently opened up hunting to the public (and not the rich), or those who never had such a huge population that overharvest was an issue before now may still have commercial wildlife market. Sweden, for example, you can buy moose meat. Or so I've been told.

I think you can get kangaroo meat in the state, but 'effing expensive' doesn't begin to cover it. :(

TwoYaks said...

I have no idea why it won't let me log in. That was TwoYaks who wrote that.

Arvay said...

TwoYaks, what in the name of all that is warm and fuzzy and beloved were you doing up at that ungodly hour? Waitaminute... you're in the future, too! Is this entire blog stamped in Aussie time? I'll have to check after this here post posts...

Anyway, did you know that in Europe, they call moose "elk"? How bloody confusing! Especially considering that "moose" is such a fine word!

Arvay said...

I did! I did time-travel! I did!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I gave the blog an Aussie time stamp for a reason, heh heh!

Two Yaks: Whatcha been up to lately? And yes roo meat is pricey outside of Oz but pretty affordable here in Adelaide what with Macro Meats being just up the road :-}

Arvay: After a couple of trips thru the Time Vortex you get your own Tardis!