Sunday, March 18, 2012

US Visit Finalised!

Well, sorta. I'm still trying to work in a day trip down to FL during the last week I'll be in Charlotte to see me gramma. So there.

For the rest of you... Here we go!

I do apologise to all my Alaskan and Canuck friends, twitmates, acquaintances, strangers, etc who were hoping I'd be heading *slightly* farther north than just Arlington. It's a little something called money. And time. Next trip though; you betcha mates!

My point of entry into the US of A shall be The City of Angels. I do have a fairly lengthy layover at LAX so if anyone who may perchance want to meet, chat, say hi, whatever can do so. Arrival time is 0640 on Fri May 18th on a Qantas flight and I'm not scheduled to depart till 1135 the same day bound for Charlotte. Customs shouldn't take too long (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) so I'm anticipating having 1 to 2 hours to kill at the LAX domestic terminal.

But really folks, if you aren't in the area please don't make a special trip. Unless you really want to of course!

Arrival in Charlotte, NC is 1912 on May 18th. I'm staying in Charlotte from then till the morning of May 29th. I have a few things planned that I'd like to do (like an overnight trip to the backwoods of VA), but absolutely nothing is set in stone. If'n any of y'all are wanting to meet up with Yours Truly (don't swoon ladies, I'm human!) then these 11 days would be an ideal time. Just sayin'.

Next is the road trip to Arlington and DC. We (bro, 2 nieces, uncle, family friend) are heading out of Charlotte the morning of the 29th, leaving Arlington/DC on the morning of Saturday June 2. Dad's funeral is on the 30th. We have 2 full days after the services in which to take in the sights and sounds of the area --Smithsonian, here I come!

I already have one friend from way back in time from Alaska who is in DC that wants to have dinner one of those two nights (she is also more than welcome to join us on the sightseeing --in case she's reading this). But of course anyone is welcome to join in on the fun! And of course if anyone is road-tripping it in from somewhere like, oh, maybe Ohio or Iowa then I could easily spend a whole day gallivanting around DC and taking in the sights with y'all, no worries mates!

After getting back into Charlotte late on the 2nd, I am then hanging around the general vicinity until the afternoon of June 9th at which time I shall be vacating the East Coast of the US of A with my presence.

The LAX layover is only 3 and a half hours on the way out so I doubt there'll be time to see anyone.

For me Aussie mates: on the way out I'm changing planes in Brissie, but only have 1.5 hours. On the way back I'm going thru Sydney and have 3 and a half hours. So if any of you Sydney-siders have some free time on the morning of June 11th and wanna swing by the airport to say hi then that's cool, no worries.

WHEW! Ok, that's outta the way.

Next up: some more 3D work from "His daveness"! No, I'm not that conceited, this is a nickname that a very cool Canuck gave to Yours Truly. Although she capitalises it :-}

Dragons. Wouldn't everyone like one? This is a rendering in VUE10 of an .obj (plus the .mat files) of DAZ's Millennium Dragon 2 after posing it and setting the morphs. Please note that the her left hand has just missed grabbing something and the arm is pulling back whilst her right hand and arm are reaching out to grab whatever it is the left missed.

The jaws and eyes should sorta kinda speak for themselves.

Why did I render it in Vue? Because I wanted to add some cool terrain and clouds and also have access to the super-awesomely great rendering engine that Vue has. I luvs me my Vue10!

And yes, I know the mountains suck and the texturing on them isn't any better, but I was working more on the clouds, the space fighter, and the dragon.
Dragon vs Starfighter

So, like, does it work for you?

I can do much more better landscape stuff.

REALLY! I can! *screamed the insignificant dust-speck of a blogger*

Here's proof:

Yeah, cool huh? That's what I thought too :-}

To sum up: I'll be visiting the US of A. If anyone wants to meet up and shoot the breeze then no worries mates! Drop me a comment or an email or a DM on twitter and we'll work something out.

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