Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Grapes of Wrath

Whoopsie! Sorry about that mates, there's a tie-poe in the title. It should be "The Grapes of Frank".

Me neighbor (lives right next door) has a nice country property over the border in VIC (but I don't hold that against him mind you) and on that property in Victoria he has quite a few acres of "stuff" growing.

The typical "stuff" that is grown frequently in Oz.

No, not that.

No no, the other thing.

Ah, yes! You figured eighted it out!


As in, lots n lots n LOTSA grapes.

Every year around harvest time he brings a few kilos over to share with his friends. And neighbors. Apparently I'm in both categories as it may have something to do with me removing some viruses from his son's computer that he (the dad, not the son) contracted whilst perusing "those" sites befour his son or wife had a chance to find out his surfing habits. Ahem.

Anywhos, 3 days ago (that would be Wednesday local Oz time) Frank bangs on me door with around about 7 kilos of grapes. Fresh off his vines! He picked them the day before and brought em over for me (ummm, I mean for US of course --in case Wifey-Poo is reading this). Yes, he has the proper permits and there are no fruit fly probs with his crops.

I thought I'd be kind and show you a picture of the haul of GRAPES. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture till 3 days later (couldn' take pics, wuz too busy eating grapes) so the 7 kilos or so has diminished "slightly" in mass and volume.

Butt here's a pic for you anyways and remember to get the latest software app upgrade witch allows you to ackshuallee smell and taste them! If you aren't sure if you have the upgrade then just sniff and lick your monitor (preferably when your office coworkers aren't watching!)