Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Panic!

and don't forget your towel! 

I haven't put up the next segment of The Journey Home, Kingston SE to Salt Creek, cus I've been crook. That means sick.

Got a bad infection... Blocked and infected salivary gland. Face swelled up, very painful too. Loads of the most powerful soft tissue antibiotic, and loads of codeine. Of course, there's the nausea and other side effects from the anti, fun. And then there's the fact that large doses of codeine will, ahhhh, ahem... plug up the pipes. It was four days before I was able to "pass" anything and it was getting rather painful, to say the least.

Anyways, that's probably Too Much Information for most of you, but tough shit (literally!) cus I had to endure it so you got to read about it.

Was just about to start uploading pics for the next installment, when we went over our monthly allotment of gigs for broadband and Bigpond applied the speedbrakes. Just now upgraded to 25 gigs a month but that doesn't take effect until tomorrow arvo.

So this is just a quickie (wink, wink) to let you all know that I'm still here, still alive, and the swelling on the left side of my face is down so that I look somewhat normal (for me, at least).

If the upgrade is down on time, then in 30 hours you'll be reading about Salt Creek and the Coorong!


I'm now off to the kitchen to check on the curds for the batch of feta cheese that I'm making. Yummy!


KC said...

Nakleng! Feel better chief. Don't come down with the death.

I remember when things were metred here in the US. Well, metred more than they are these days. I think us with unlimited broadbands are all spoilt.

la isla d'lisa said...

ouch! feel better.

Ishmael said...


tundratantrum said...

I have the plague too right now, but not nearly that bad.

My 5th knee surgery was last september and I was on morphine for three days. You think codeine messes up the plumming? It was SERIOUSLY alarming. I feel your pain.

Fizzgig said...

yuck! that happens to one of my girlfriends a lot too, blocked salivary!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

KC: Much better now, ta. Yeah, metred broadband sucks... Oi! I've got a song that you'll LOVE. I'll mp3 it and put it on here for you to enjoy --hint: it involves beer.

Lisa: I do feel better, ta. This is the first day I haven't had to take anything and I can actually chew on both sides of my mouth without passing out from the pain.

Fishsticks: Does that mean I'm pig-headed?

TundraTantrum: It did always seem like spring in the "plague" season in AK. Hmmmmm, morphine... never had it, but I think I can envisage your problem. I feel for ya mate and hope your knee heals well this time.

Fizzgig: I think the reason why this one was so painful is that the infection affected the nerves around my dental crowns... OUCH!