Monday, April 06, 2009

There And Back Again. Chapter Ten. Still In The Darkness

Yes, we've got one more day in the Wet Cave. Actually, we were in it for only an hour in real time, but it's going to be a day in blogging time.

The chambers in Wet Cave are really huge. Very high ceilings and massive stalactites. Add to that the tree ferns in the entranceway and it's very impressive.

I've picked 31 of my best photos from the cave, so as before you get them in slideshow format and also a link to the flickr page for the clickable thumbnails.

There has been quite a few rainbow lorikeets hanging around lately. Since I haven't put up too many purdy burdie pictures due to the caving posts, I figured y'all might wanna see a few of the birds.

Just a few, mind you. Well, at least enough to set siege to the KoKon Bunker.

many lorikeets

many more lorikeets

even more lorikeets

fighting lorikeets

more fighting lorikeets

flying lorikeet

colorful lorikeets

mean lorikeets

As you can tell, they can get quite enthusiastic during brekky.

I, however, am not feeling too enthusiastic this morning. Last night I "did" my back. Nothing new as I've had to be very careful with it over the years. It's actually been 16 months since I've done it this bad. The pisser of it this time is that I did absolutely NOTHING to account for it.

Last night we had a nice Mexican meal (there are no good Mexican restaurants in Adelaide so to do it right I've got to make it myself), watched a couple of episodes of Torchwood on dvd (I was comfortably ensconced in the bean bag), got up, scritched the beast (didn't even need stitches afterwards), and started to walk to the back to shut down mission control for the night.

As I went through the kitchen I noticed my back was starting to ache in an oh-so-familiar-way. By the time I got to the back room I was in agony.

Shit. Gonna be a fun week.

But that won't stop me from posting all about the Naracoorte Cave trip, no sirree! Besides, I seemed to have picked up some new readers lately and I'm sure they'll want to see all my scribbling on maps (we took a different route home, unlike Bilbo) and hear about the nice country towns, and villages, and shacksinthemiddleofnowhere. Besides, I'm sure you want to see the pictures of the giant 30 foot lobster.

So stay tuned, eh?

Meanwhile, we get to finish out Wet Cave. This slideshow has 31 of my pics from the cave where I tried to give you an idea of the scale of this sucka. No one in OhighO should feel claustrophobic, and no one in Massatoochits should get seasick.

As usual, here's a link to the clickable thumbnail page, courtesy of flickr.

And here's the slideshow. Remember, just click on the little box on the lower right of the slideshow to play it full screen. It's worth it!

Next post we take lunch at Bool Lagoon. But first I need to refresh my icepack, get some liniment on my back, use the magic spray, score some codeine, and get some liquid muscle relaxants.


Fizzgig said...

hurting your back is the worst. only thing worse is hurting your neck. I think your neck is attached to each nerve in your body.

LoveANewIdea said...

Tried to check out your blog post at work today, but they block all images, so had to check back in once I got home!

Feedback on slideshows - I prefer to click on the link you provide, because then I can watch the slideshow full screen, and I can see more of the detail and color.

PS - Sorry to hear about your back. Have you tried beer as a remedy??

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Fizzgig: I actually tweeked my neck a couple of days before, that probably triggered the sciatica.

Liz: One of the nice things about working at home is that you can surf to your hearts content. Thanks for the feedback on the slideshows. I don't really trust them to embed properly on all systems and look right on all monitor sizes so that's why I put up the link to the page where they live. I really do like flickr.

Hmmmmmmm, beer... now just what do you think those "liquid muscle relaxants" were :)

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