Monday, October 05, 2009

Bare, Bountiful, Buxom, Bodacious, Bouncy, Bristol, Big-Boobed Babes


I'll just pause for a moment.

In order to savour the best blog post title EVER!

Ok, pause over. Now before I show you these two wonderful pics of some serious boobs that WP and I saw in the woods the other day, I have to share with you a comment from the mind of a demented womom from Slow-Daht-Nuh. Me likes her!

Do y'all 'member when I aksed you for kapshuns? Well, there was one particular "person" who had the best single kapshun. Here's the pic and the kapshun:

cat flaunting himself
Kitty Porn

Ah, a mind I definitely don't mind.

One more thing before I get to the boobie pics, here's something serious:

Tsunami, Typhoon and Earthquake Appeal! This covers Vietnam, The Phillipines, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Indonesia, and pretty much anywhere else up there.

Alrighty, back to the boobs!

WP and I were out bushwalking the other day --as per usual. We spied an interesting sight. Of course WP was not up to taking the pics, she thought it might be too risque.

I, on the other hand, had no such compunctions! In fact, I don't have much of any compunctions at all about anything. Ain't "compunctions" one of those cool words that's just so much fun to say? And type.

Are you expecting a pic of Dolly Parton?

Too bad, so sad.

Instead you





Mother Nature





big boobs 00

big boobs 01

I'm sure that longtime (or even some newbies) will easily be able to identify the type of parrot that has decided to make Mama Nature's Boobs their new home.

And now,

something you've been



The continuing saga of Funding For Fiji! Starring YT (Yours Truly, don't swoon I'm human) and WP (Wifey-Poo, The Most Wonderful Woman In The Entire World).

YT: But it'll work honey!

WP: But no one could be that gullible!

YT: But all they know is cable news, of course they are gullible.

WP: I thought you said your readers were the smart ones?

YT: So I thought, yes. But recent non-events regarding certain "facts" in my posts have proved otherwise.

******Yes, I do really talk like that at times********

WP: Like what?

YT: For starters, there is the movie title.

WP: Hmmmmm, I was wondering about that...

YT: See!!???!!?!!! Not a single one of them chose to question me about it. They just accepted what I wrote as FACT!

WP: Well...

YT: And when I give obscure references to things they don't even bother to check; they just accept my word as being the truth!

WP: Yeah, nobody asked about the "Don't swoon, I'm human" quote, did they?

YT: Nah! All I've got to do is phrase the begging and pleading properly and they'll fall into line like ducks in a row.

WP: Gee, this could work. *not a bloody chance*

YT: Just think, not a single one picked up any of my Dominionist references. Nor did anyone ask about Egypt! The cat must be horrified.

WP: Actually, I think he's asleep.

YT: No matter, I'm sure he's dreaming up some plot.

WP: *So am I. It's called How To Get Him To Shut Up.*

YT: Do you think sny of them are even going to ask why "Bristol" is in the title of this post?

WP: Probably not, dear. *I NEVER should have taught him cockney rhyming slang*

YT: And I'll bet that not a single one of them tried to verify my age calculations.

WP: Yes dear. *Now where is that tranquilizer gun...*

YT: Now I just need to come up with the proper wording to really tear at the ole heartstrings... BWUAHAHAAHAAHHA!!!


YT: Huh??? Wha... the......


BIL: Aren't you worried about him drowning in his own drool when he lays like that?

WP: No. Not at all.


Anonymous said...

Those are huge, the tree scars I mean.

Anonymous said...

There's no answer to all that. Well actually, there *are* answers ... and quite a few of them. Let the CARRY ON gang loose with this --!

You just wait till we're back out there in the woods, with the cameras!! You think only *Mama* Nature shows up, flaunting her best stuff?! You wanna see the stuff *Papa* Nature flaunts ...!! (Enough to get a guy good and, uh, disconsolate. Ior discumknockerated, as -- I think -- Eric Morcambe used to say. Or was it Jimmy Tarbuck?) Though I imagine Hubbykins doesn't see all that -- Papa Nature could save himself the bother ...

It's all in the genes ... or do I mean, all in the jeans?!

Dave's WP

Anonymous said...

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