Thursday, October 22, 2009

Give Till It Hurts To Help Those In Need!!

Yes dear readers, it's fast approaching that time of year. The time of year when we think of those less fortunate than ourselves. The time of year when we freely give massive amounts of money to worthwhile causes.

Yes, it's time to send dave --and Wifey-Poo-- to FIJI!

It's not that we can't afford it, cuz we can. But if we do then some very worthwhile causes just won't have our donations, and that'd be a crying shame.

Just think of all the poor, orphaned homeless kids and critters that will have to go without... Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

I've always told WP and BIL not to make us rich. Why? I'd give it all away! Heck, my dream is to open a homeless shelter and run a soup kitchen!

And the poor critters...

Here's a short list of wonderful, kind, caring folk who take care of critters that we give very generously to each month:

WWF: World Wildlife Foundation. How can anyone with a heart not support these great folks?

Cousteau Society: My parents were charter members back in the day.

IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare. These are the people that rescue animals after natural disasters, care for sick and abandoned creatures, and are just all around good guys --and gals.

We've adopted several wolves in Alaska, hopefully not the ones shot from helicopters and their cubs gassed in their dens!

Many more places we give:

OXFAM: Hey, when it comes to getting supplies to impoverished areas these folks are great.

Aussie Red Cross: They don't have nearly the overhead costs of the US and are always the first ones to start coordinating relief efforts after natural disasters anywhere in Oceania. I'd even give to the Red Crescent except for the fact that I'm tired of the visits from the men in the unmarked, black, SUV's --I even know a few of them by name now.

The Salvos: Whether or not you agree with the religion of The Salvation Army, they do very good work. There's 2 local thrift shops we give to, along with monetary donations. Heck, I even worked with the Salvos back when I was in Fairbanks!

This list can go on and on...

And to top it off; I am a nice guy. I give rides to strangers, and change to those who ask it.

I also rescue critters from the pool! Saved 2 full grown blue-tongue lizards last year! If there is a bee that can't escape the surface tension then I rescue it! This happens daily, BTW.

WP rescued and saved a baby swallow with a broken wing! It took about 3 weeks for the birdie to heal up and during that time momma sparrow would fly in the open back door to feed the little one.

I also let little old ladies go ahead of me in line. And I have no problem getting something down from a high shelf in a grocery store aisle for anyone vertically-challenged.

And I always wear my seatbelt in the car. I haven't been bicycle riding without wearing a bike helmet in 30 years.

But if we decide to greedily keep our money to go to Fiji instead of helping those in need, well... I'm just not sure I could sleep at night. So here's how you can help! No, you don't need to give to each and every charity or cause, all you need to do is send all you can spare to us so that we may continue to give generously AND get the Fiji trip!

You also get a bonus! We'll be coming back with thousands and thousands of photos, stories, recipes, and local Fijian knowledge you won't find anywhere else. I'll, of course, be blogging about it all. Heck, if I could get 6 weeks out of a little ole trips to Naracoorte then just imagine all the months of readings, photos, and just plain good ole dave snarkiness you get from us being in Fiji for a week!

All you need to do is just click on that bright button marked "Send dave on a long walk off a short pier" that's over to the left and all will be well. Send whatever you can spare, and even some you can't! Heck those credit card companies need the money too!

*at this point Wifey-Poo walks into the room*

WP: Hey! I've got some good news!

YT: Oh?

WP: Yup, you don't have to beg your readers for money for the Fiji trip!

YT: Ummmmmm, did we win the lottery?

WP: No silly, of course not.

YT: Did you get a new book contract?

WP: Yeah, right. I wish.

YT: Your friend George Lucas bought a screenplay?

WP: Are you kidding? I haven't been on his Christmas card list for 30 years now.

YT: I can't think of anything else to make us rich...

WP: BIL (bro-in-law) is finally getting a job!

YT: GREAT! Is this the University position he's been talking about?

WP: That's the one!

YT: YAHOO!!!!!

WP: There's just one little problem I forgot to tell you...

To Be Continued...

Now that you are all on the edge of your collective (you will be assimilated) seats, here's some wonderful wildlife works-of-art:

Firstly, can you spot the koala?
hiding koala

Why, yes I can. Here it is:
all tucked in

The eastern rosella parrots in the wild are pretty skitish. I was quite pleased to get these three shots:
eastern rosella parrot 01

eastern rosella parrot 02

eastern rosella parrot 03
Cool markings, eh?

Speaking (writing) of birds with cool markings, there was a bird that flew overhead that I just wasn't able to identify. Perhaps you can help?

weird bird


dragonfly said...

Those Rosella parrots are so beautiful! They look like someone went to town on them with a box of paints.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

dragonfly: Mother Nature's a pretty darned good artist, that' for sure!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey, I'm making oodles at that boatyard job... you know the one where I am working a huge 30 hours a week for a FRIEND... So yeah, I'll donate, but I couldn't find that "send dave off on a long walk off a short pier" button...
And can you put us on your charity list too? Remember we saved that turtle from that plastic gunnysack around it's neck. Then ate all his mahi mahi friends... oops, nevermind.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Yeah, you send us $20 and we'll send you $20, that'll be beaut mate! Mmmmmmmmmm, fresh mahi mahi... drool.