Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fascist Commies Are Taking Away Our Freedom!

This is an outrage!!! An OUTRAGE I tell's ya!!!!! How the bloody-hell the bastahds think they can get away with this I'll never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're mad! And we ain't gunna take it no more!

Harumph, so there.

This weekend is the culmination of yearlong preparation of all good Aussie blokes to COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT ANYTHING!! And the bleedin' coppers think they 'ave the right to tell us just what we "can" and "can't" do?

Bleah. I ams disgustipated.

C'mon oh you "powers that be"! This is Bathurst Week! Mt Panorama! The Race That Brock Built!!!!! We've been campin' 'ere all week long!!!

And now they've got the utter GALL to tell us just 'ow much beer and wine we are "allowed" to consume per day???? It's an outrage!!!!!!! I'm callin' me member of parliament RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, wait, the bloke's passed out behind the grandstands...

Do they REALLY think that any good, upstanding, Aussie bloke can subsist on only 24 beers a day???? Crikey mate! At least they let us have 36 beers a day of the cheap 'merican lite crap, good on em --although it still takes like pisswater. They even are limiting the WINOS! 4 litres a day! Crikey, that's not even 6 bottles a day!

What are the bloody cops thinkin'?

I tells ya, I gots a RIGHT to look like this ALL WEEK LONG!
aching head

I'm sure t'at all our NASCAR mates in the US can relate! Can you imagine if dey tried to limit NASCAR fans ta "only" 36 beers a day? There'd be an arm'd rebellion, Too right!

This sarcastic Public Service Announcement brought to you by someone who doesn't give a shit about "petrolheads" or "hoons".
beer and pool 05


Frances said...

I am watching the Bathurst races now.
I went to the races in the 70s and loved it.

TwoYaks said...

If I was limited to merely 24 beers a day, I would be sober when I drive. And I'm much better driver when I've had a few!

And if you're capped at 24 a day... what are you going to drink on the half-hours? And don't even get me started on the quarter hours; clearly, someone forgot about life's priorities!

Thank god I don't live in communist Australia.

Damn well hot there, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! And over here they are trying to give us free government health insurance so that we can be happy and healthy. The bastards. It's all a communist plot!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Frances: The big race was very good this year, exciting finale. Yes, we watch it each year.

TwoYaks: Remember, if it's US mainstream beers you get 36 a day. Assuming you are passed out, sleeping, or barfing for 6 of those hours then you drink a beer every 30 mins for 18 hours straight, 5 days in a row! Fun, no?

ScienceBloke: I do seem to remember in the preamble of the US Constipation something about "ensuring the welfare of the people". Seems like that ole document that the reich-wingers keep referencing (without actually READING it) mandates govt run health care. But don't try telling them that, they just hate it when facts get in the way of what R.L. tells them.

Arvay said...

That kangaroo looks like he's had too much to drink!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The lazy ones up at Cleland always look like that! They are so pampered... eat, sleep, and make baby roos all day without a care in the world; plus a huge range to roam around.

Anonymous said...


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