Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alien Abduction Act VI Zombie Dave Cooks!

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned this ultra-factual memoir of my Alien Abduction. Nope, I'm not quitting partway through to write a book of fiction, no sirree! *wink*

Before I continue with my sure-to-be pulitzer prize winning prose, shall we have some birdy pics? Yes, we shall.

Really, the cockatoos do look dignified most of the time:
dignified cockatoo

But not all the time...
undignified cockatoos

Should I take pity on all of you amateur koala spotters and show you where the koala was hiding in the previous contest?

Of course I shall cuz I'm all nice like that!

here it is

Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnd here's a zoomed in picture:
found the koala

Alien Abduction Act VI! Zombie Dave Cooks --well, sorta...

Wifey-Poo had decided that once she got me calmed down that perhaps I could help out a bit around the house. Hmmmmmm, a lightning-zapped, undead, zombie with a lightning-charged sledgehammer who doesn't think for himself --ok, that last part is pretty normal for Yours Truly. Gee, what possible use could he be?????

Well, for starters you can have him crush some crackers for use in a stuffing!
dave crushing crackers

At this point WP decided she didn't want lightning zapping all through the kitchen and the house, so she shoved an extension cord somewhere up my person and plugged the a/c in so as I helped in the kitchen I'd cool the house down!

Here I am stuffing the chicken after crushing crackers for the stuffing:
dave stuffing a chook

Powdering dried rosemary was no a problem either:
dave powdering rosemary

Punching down bread dough was fairly simple, but I did put a few dents in the bowl...
dave punching down dough

I tenderized steaks in record time too.
dave tenderizing a steak

At this point I wandered outside (WP unplugged the extension cord quickly) and stared around and around and around...

Coming Up: ACT VII Zombie dave finds the transporter to the alien ship!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot something! I'm going to give all my readers ANOTHER chance to win the USD$10. Ain't I nice?

All you need to do is figure out what kind of critter left this sign (should be easy) AND what was the critter eating?


Get set...


what critter left this

Just leave your guess in the comments, no worries.


TwoYaks said...

Around my work, we have the science hammer. It's what we use, when machines aren't making science anymore. We beat them with the hammer until we beat the science out of them.

I'm jealous of your kitchen hammer. :(

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if that was North America, I would say bear. Whatever it is, it has been eating a lot of berries. I wish I had a better sense of scale...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

TwoYaks: I like that idea! Remember, when all else fails, get a bigger hammer.
BTW, did you see the story about the Scottish brewery that has just came out with a beer of 41% alcohol? An 82 proof beer!!!!!!

Sciencebloke: You see the dried, brown eucalypt leaf in the upper left? That's about 10 cm long --the section before it takes an 80 degree turn.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I got yer hammer. Right over here!

Anonymous said...

I saw the 82 proof beer and I immediately wondered if they stole one of your recipes or if WP sold it to them to finance her retirement.

It just sounded like an ADDU brew-gone-wild.

TwoYaks said...

I've heard about the 41 ABV beer, and it sounds vile. Getting drunk is one function of beer, maybe. But if it's someone's biggest concern, why not use RR? Or something else that'll kill you much faster.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jim mailed your package to you this week! Finally... we kept thinking we would open it and watch the dvd's first, but somehow never did and I just wanted it to get sent. So with the speed of the last package as any indication, look for it around Christmas time. And WP will probably put it under the damn tree again...
PS You left that mess after eating too many berries?