Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Alien Abduction Act IV... Live! Damn you, LIVE!

For those of you who came in late to the tail (and a long one at that) of dave's alien abduction, perhaps these will help:


Act I

Act II

First Intermission


Alrighty then. Now that we've got the backstory crap out of the way for all the Johnny-come-lately's, let's get down to brass tacks.

I know I've been promising all of you pics of the aliens that abducted me, and I do feel bad *cough, cough, BULLSHIT* that I've been recalcitrant in showing you a picture so I will now rectify the situation.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

I hope this doesn't give you nightmares. Or daymares, or nightstallions.

Ahem... Here is the pic:
wolfman cat
Welcome to the view I wake up to every morning!

Beefour I continue on with my TRUE alien abduction story, I figure I'd better give all you birders out there something to ooo and ahh over...
lorikeet acrobatics
At least these blokes are the quiet ones in the mornings...


When last we left out hero, yours truly, he was dead and had been given a burial at pool. Little did Wifey-Poo realise though that there was a storm headed in the general direction of the whereabouts of a certain dead bloke from Alaska who know lives (lived) in Oz.

Got that?

Something that may interest you, well... maybe not, when the bloody hot weather breaks down here in South Oz it does so with a BANG. In fact, it does so with multiple bangs. These multiple bangs are the result of an uncountable number of lightning strikes that occur as humid, cool air pours into the dry and disgustingly hot region known as Adelaide, South Oz.

It's our own natural fireworks display!


Not a time for smart folk to be in a pool.

But if you are already dead then what the heck! Go For It! After all, you only live once. Or twice if you are lucky.

Wifey-Poo was certainly not game enough to go out at midnight in the middle of a lightning storm to check on my status --which at this point should be a little pile of cinders atop a half-deflated inflatable pool lounger that is floating in the pool.

So she waited until morning. She went out to check on the tomatoes and chilli plants, and too also see if there were any parrots around in the backyard that may want a treat. I think she also too realised that she would probably need to clean the pool after the myriad of lightning strikes betwixt midnight and 3 AM.

However, when she stepped outside, she certainly did NOT expect to see anything like this!









brain-eating, Yours Truly?

Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading!

This view greeted WP as she went out to the backyard that fateful morning...
zombie dave 01

I have been told that, apparently, the first morning was, shall we say, rather exciting, but, of course, not in a good way; but, then again, not exactly in a bad way either and the fact that I was an undead, brain-eating, lightning-zapped, sledgehammer-wielding, zombie-type critter just may, I say may, have had something to do with the fact that I had a slight tendency, on the first morning, to react rather, shall we say... rather badly when I was asked to do something.

According to eyewitnesses (that'd be Wifey-Poo) my reaction appeared thusly:
zombie dave 02

Don't miss the next exciting episode: Act V, The Taming of The Shrewd!


Dave's Big Giveaway!

This won't be a regular feature as I don't have much money in my PayPal account, but I do happen to have USD$10 just burning a hole in my pocket --or rather PayPal's pocket. The first one who can tell me WHERE in this picture the koala is gets it! The money, not the koala.

Just grab a virtual pen and circle where you see the koala and email it back to me. Or post it to your own blog and leave a comment directing me to where your pic is and I'll send USD$10 to the first person who successfully spots the koala!

I think this pic will also vividly show you why I am also one of the world's greatest koala spotters, so there! Hmmph.

hidden koala 01

The contest ends whenever the heck I say it does.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave
What is your email address? I may have found the bear.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Chester: No worries it is alaskandavedownunder(at)gmail(dot)com

Obviously, sub an "@" for the "(at)" and a "." for the "(dot)".

Makes sense, eh?

Anonymous said...

To soothe your aching zombie nerves (and I swear it isn't viking rock):

Karl said...


Just kidding - actually, I found two koalas in that picture...

captcha word definition:

lishelin - The Michelin man saying his name after having one too many 'for the road'...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Karl: Dewd! There's only one, trust me. And it's probably not where you think it is. Send me a pic with your "two" koalas circled and I'll tell you whether or not one of them is right.

Karl said...

Picture sent - I circled the PREGNANT koala... ;)

Anonymous said...

Darn! Was I even close? LOL