Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alien Abduction --First Intermission with Snacks!

Do y'all know in them new-fangled moving picture thingy's called "films" they've started putting in intermission breaks? So's this's sorta somethin' like that.

For the snacks, just make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the next couple of minutes. And then I'll be back to the Alien Abduction story, no worries.

Here's a pic of the fruit of my labor. Specifically, tomatoes. More specifically; vine-ripened, cherry truss tomatoes. Totally organic. No spraying, no chemical fertilizer, just grown in good ole-fashioned cow crap.

fresh organic vine ripened cherry tomato truss

And finally, I've got 3 pics of some very friendly, fuzzy, cute, Aussie critters. If this don't wanna make you visit Oz, then nothing will!

Here's one of the like tykes being friendly with my left calf.
spider crawling up leg

I then decided to lift the little bloke up and let him sun himself.
spider on palm of hand

He then figured that my arm was a great place to work on his tan.
spider on arm

So, like, who's up for a visit?


Anonymous said...


And you can quote me.



dragonfly said... he alive? (she politely asks) His legs look wonky. That wasn't my first thought, of course. My first thought was what she said (points to WP).

Dead or alive, I'm calling it "Creepy". Kinda cool, but definitely...Creepy.

dragonfly said...

PS those tomatoes look like summer!! Tasty.

Fizzgig said...

um. gross you let it touch you!!

Anonymous said...

What SHE said (WP). Last word, right there...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

WP: This explains why I had to take the pics myself.

Dragonflying: Dead, waaaaaay dead! Drowned in the pool and gone into the filter type DEAD.

Mmmmmmmm, tomatoes... drool.

Fizzgig: But it's DEAD.

Titanium: Wuss. Hah, I can now finally call titanium a wuss! THHHBBTTT!