Saturday, January 09, 2010

How to save $2500 in one year!

Oops, sorry. Now you probably think I'm trying to spam y'all. Nope, I'm not. I (we) actually saved $2500 last year by doing one simple thing:

I started homebrewing! And the household saved $2500 dollars. It's not cus we are a bunch of drunks, but when you each have a beer with dinner and one afterwards... well you'd be amazed at how much it adds up over a year.

Go ahead, try it yourselves.


Next topic: South Oz summer heat!

This from the Bureau of Meteorology today:

Adelaide Forecast
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
South Australia

Adelaide Forecast
Issued at 4:00 pm CDT on Saturday 9 January 2010

Warning Summary
The SES has issued an Extreme Heat Warning for South Australia.
Fire Weather Warning.

Forecast for Saturday evening
Dry and hot. Winds becoming moderate southeasterly during the evening. A
moderate early evening sea breeze.

Precis Clear.

Forecast for Sunday
Dry, very hot and sunny. Light to moderate southeast to northeast winds with a
light afternoon sea breeze.

Precis Dry. Sunny.
City: Min 27 Max 43
Elizabeth: Min 22 Max 43
Mount Barker: Min 17 Max 41
Noarlunga: Min 23 Max 41

UV Alert: 9:10 am to 5:30 pm, UV Index predicted to reach 12 [Extreme]
Fire Danger: Severe [50-74] (Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District)

Monday Windy. Dry. Mostly sunny. Min 30 Max 43

Those 43's mean 110 in the shade officially (they ALWAYS guess low) which means it'll be around 115 to 118 in the shade here at the ole homestead.

Oh, that splashing sound you'll be hearing all weekend? Just guess what it is...

Next topic: No one has even tried!

I put this picture up:
bird feet

and no one even tried to figure out what kind of critter it is. So I'll now give you a bit more of a hint --in the form of another picture, of course.

bird feet 02

Do you know why I like koalas? Do you? It's cus they get to do this all day long:
comfortable koala
Can anyone tell me what kind of gum tree s/he is sitting in?

Ishmael asked me about the taste of emu a few weeks back. Sadly, I haven't had a chance to get any... But I did TRY!:
injured emu

No, I. did. not. do. that! I took the picture back at the end of November and I'm guessing this bloke got this in a fight for fornicatin' rights.

I did, however, find out that an emu drumstick weighs 7 pounds! Mmmmmmmmmmm...

Here's a picture to illustrate just how great my timing is
3 and a half cockatoos

And here we find a sheila sparrow a helluva lot braver than a certain ADQ'er is:
brave sparrow
Goan, ask me how I know she's a she.

These blokes look like they are planning something...
view from above

No idea what it could be though...


Anonymous said...

Okay, HK, I'll ASK how you know the female sparrow is a female ... even though I know the answer (cuz it was me told thee how to tell the little fellas apart), but -- thusly prompted, you get to display the vasty fields of your wisdom. So -- knock yourself out, kid: the stage is all yours.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave!

Any experiences with Chia (as a seed food not pets) or Pinole? Thanks!

TwoYaks said...

All right, I'll bite. I'll answer that the bird it is does not taste good. And it's name sounds a lot like dirty innuendo (No, in your-end-o). They've got shield on their heads, and they're in the Rail family.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

WP: but -- thusly prompted, you get to display the vasty fields of your wisdom. So -- knock yourself out, kid: the stage is all yours. You know me, I always like to ham it up!

Sciencebloke: Truthfully, I'd never heard of it until I read your comment yesterday. With some help from Ma Google I've found out loads of stuff and just ordered myself half a kilo of the black seeds. Turns out Pinole is the ground Chia seeds mixed with various spices --most of which I eat anyways.

I definitely plan on posting about Chia, but I think I may need a new blog about nutrition and healthy foods and whatnot.

TwoYaks: Yup, you'd be right mate. Although I truly didn't know about the flavour of them. These particular ones are the Eurasian Coot. You can find them pretty much anywhere around Oz, provided there's water (that, of course, eliminates 99% of the country) and they aren't shy. Nice voices too.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... Two Yaks et the bird?


TwoYaks said...

I've eaten American coot. I'm told how awful they taste is not unique to just them...

Alaska-womom said...

I don't know about emu drumsticks but I can tell you that we had some "leg of creature" recently. We told the kids it was chicken. It was very tasty--I am ashamed how tasty it was.
I kicked hub under the table when he began making certian feline sounds--

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska-womom: Did you really eat a lynx? And did you make lynx sausages?