Friday, January 08, 2010

My Final Meal...

... of The 2009/2010 Holiday Food Orgy Extravaganza Down Unda!

Dessert was easy. Just crumbled up some of my cinnamon bread, then cut in some butter, and tada: instant pie crust. Hmmmm, let's see, these apples and pears look like they need stewing... I'll just add some sugar, cinnamon and cloves and boil it up! Tada: instant pie filling! Hmmmm, better use up the last bit of whipping cream... 5 mins and some sugar and beating later, tada: instant pie topping!

There were two main dishes served, both simultaneously. One was a rather healthy nacho platter. The leftover pork from the polynesian banana leaf wrapped pork forequarter was shredded for two huge mexican food feasts AND THERE WAS STILL SOME LEFT! Nachos it is! Chips were easy, just cut up some wholemeal flatbread, baked them, and Ta-Da: instant nacho chips! Cheese was from just over the hill in McLaren Vale whilst the tomatoes and chillis were from some plants right next to our pool.

So even though it was nachos, it was still pretty healthy with no chemical gunk in it.

The OTHER platter was... Sushi! And I had even made my own tofu from fresh, organic soybeans. The tofu was marinated and then pan fried --awesomely good. I used the tofu in both the maki-sushi (along with smoked trout plus avocado) and also on top of some of the fresh basil leaves (my own, of course) that garnished the platter.

Just to make the platter look purdy, I went out front and snipped an hibiscus flower to add to the garnish.

Finished off with homebrew.

I even have proof:
another sushi platter

I couldn't see any reason to take a pic of the nacho platter. I mean REALLY, it's just nachos.


Ishmael said...


I think I'll go down to the Old Powerhouse for some sushi for lunch tomorrow....

Arvay said...

Ooo! It *is* pretty!

"an hibiscus"? Do y'all in Australia not pronounce h's?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: and don't forget a beer with that lunch.

Arvay: I believe in English english most times it's "an h*****", but in US english it's mostly "a h******". However I have heard some speeches from US politicians using "an" instead of "a". And an obvious notable exception is "an hour". Fun stuff, eh?
I actually put that in on purpose to see if anyone would notice, so good on ya mate!

Anonymous said...

yYmmmmmm ... mmmmmmm ... makes you hungry just looking at it. So, uh, when do we get sushi with the works again? Huh? Nugde. Huh? Nudge. Huh?!


Anonymous said...

Evil. Just evil. Now I'm hungry and staring down a bucket of frozen cottage cheese that's masquerading as food...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Titanium: You do know that there is quite a lot you can do with cottage cheese, don't you?