Thursday, January 07, 2010

Audience Participation Time!

Well I figure by now most of you are over your Holiday Hangover and are back hard at work in your office. Which means, of course, that you are busy surfing blogs while the boss isn't around and you happened upon my little corner of reality.

Hmmmmm, reality and dave... Not a good mix!

OT: We survived the holiday food orgy! Barely. There was one night when we were all so stuffed we saved dessert for brekkie. It was a wonderful pineapple coconut meringue pie. Let me tell ya, it's darned good tucka at brekkie!

Back to the post at hand.

So, you are sitting around in your office, bored, surfing and trying to stay awake. How's abouts you try to think of some funny captions for various pictures you find while surfing?

No, not those sites! My site!

Here's some pics for you to try your capshuning hand at, or maybe even some story telling! And there's even a video! It's an emu that came out of the trees while WP and I were picnicing at Belair Park and walked right past us. I think they must have bad eyesight cus as soon as I moved it took off like a shot. Maybe it thought I was hungry?

So, here's the pics and vid, have fun makin' stuff up!

Oh, the first 3 pics really really lend themselves to a story, so if you can think of a good one, go for it!

Almost forgot: there's a quiz at the end too!

little corella 01

little corella 02

little corella 03

cat cooling off

another tired koala

running emu

eastern rosella parrot in tree

And here's the quiz picture. What kind of avian critter has feet like this:
bird feet

The comments are now open, so put on your funny caps (or tinfoil hat) and get crackin'!

Since no one correctly guessed the name of the movie that Lee Marvin uttered the line, "That's right! Two t's!" I shall leave that quiz open as well.


Fizzgig said...

is that really a bird? or is this a trick plant or something?

Anonymous said...

Hup, two three four! Keep-it-up, two thee four.


Left, right, left right -- quick ... maaaaaarch!


Why the [expletive deleted] did I sign up in the chickenpoop outfit? Look at the [expletive deleted] uniform the [expletive deleted] SOBs make me wear, and oooooh, my aching [expletive deleted] feet ... get me [expletive deleted] heck outta here! [with two T's and no expletive]