Friday, January 01, 2010

Something is seriously WRONG when 95 F feels chilly

Seriously! I was doing today's third arvo water on some of the plants outside and I then walked around the south side of the house. The shade on the south side felt cool! Slight goosebumps even started to make themselves known upon my forearms!

Fortunately, I was able to claw and crawl my way back into the sun (119.2 F) before hypothermia set in. Imagine my surprise to find out it was 95 F in the shade on the chilly side of the house.

How would I survive in Fairbanks, Alaska nowadays? Beats the hell out of me!

Heck, we haven't even had to turn the a/c on this arvo. Only do that when it gets hot, dontcha know.

It's a darned good thing that Chrissie wasn't hot. Otherwise I think the sushi would've gone bung. The cat certainly enjoyed another festive holiday season. In fact he's still enjoying it as we still have 3 more days of the food orgy to go.

Here he is enjoying the decorations:
Christmas Cat
I'm very glad that's a garland and NOT my intestine!

I must admit, this is just a wee bit much...
Bloody Hot

And there's only one thing to do when it's that hot!
Beating the Heat
For those of you interested, that's strawberry champagne and my world famous, extra special, peanut butter cheesecake with hot fudge sauce.

Lastly, a special message for those who have a standing invite: We's booked up from Feb to April of 2010. And don't plan your trip in our winter cus it gets really cold down here then! Plan your trip in Dec, Jan, or Feb if you need to thaw some old bones.