Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blank Slate

...nuthin'... I gots nuthin'... and even if I did I don't have time to write it down 'cus I gotta go git me back fixed. 

Oh wait! Don't go! I do remember that I have *something* for you. No, it won't be a gross disgusting story like last post. I'll, ahh, save the next gross story for some other time! No, you get birdie pics today.

And I PROMISE I won't put cartoon balloon speech and thought thingy-ma-bobs in the pic. Last time I did that I got zero comments. I thought for sure that Farting Cockatoos would be funny. Heck, I even had pics for a whole series of farting birds lined up. But, alas, t'was not to be... So I'll just stick with the funny captions under the pic. How's that?

First up:

"Oof! Another 20 of these chinups and I'll have HUGE pecs!"

"Crikey Larry, he almost snagged me toupee!"

"I am large and in charge."

"Good thing I remembered my underwing deodorant. Maybe I'll get lucky!"

"I shall sharpen my talons upon your roof, and there is nothing you can do about it."


Suzer said...

FYI Dave---check the YDU site, general section, if you're interested in a May meet up...pool and beer:)


Ishmael said...

I still can't believe you have these beasts flying around your back yard.

How many show up every day? How many more would it take before you got scared and wouldn't go outside? Did you ever address how deep the guano is on your patio? What does it take to clean the pool after this sky-darkening flock flies over?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

suzer: The wife and I have to stay home that weekend, family stuff.

Ish: answers in order: I've counted 34 cockatoos (the big white ones with the huge beak that'll rip boards apart) but usually around a dozen. The cockies are the first to show up. When they are done, the galahs (pink and grey) show up; up to 10 but usually 2 or 4. The rainbow lorikeets (the green small ones with what you call soulless eyes) show up as the galahs are finishing up, always 2 but can be up to 20.

I'm not scared of them at all. Only the big cockies let me get close, and that's only if there's a lot of them. In fact, there's 3 or 4 of them that'll land right on the feeder when I'm putting seeds out and twice have taken a seed out of my hand.

The bird crap isn't bad at all. After the food is gone, so are the birds. Although there are a pair or two of each that come and go throughout the day.

They don't make a mess in the pool, but the cockies do sit on the roof and tear holes in the tubing for the solar heater for the pool. Fortunately, it's a quick repair job. Heck, I gotta clean the pool weekly in the winter and every couple of days in summer anyways.

Sky Darkening... These are TINY flocks. There's a park area in a nearby country town (Strathalbyn, or simply Strath) that has 1000's of cockies. They can make a wee bit of a ruckus.