Friday, April 11, 2008


Y'all 'member how them long movies back in the day had intermissions? Well sure, of course you do! This is something like that...

I'm busy getting dinner ready for the clan so I can't (w)ri(gh)t(e) the post I want to, but let me give you some foreshadowing: Big bike race, feeding people cheaply, lady at grocery checkout, how to make a really cool chess table, food from Fiji, birds, and anything else I care to write!

But for today, here's some birdie pics and perhaps a few funny captions.

One more thing... nobody's voting! Come one folks, tell me what you want! Ahem... The 2 votes so far are both from the clan house, and I have two more computers to use --which I will be doing. I'd like to think I'd end up with more than just the four votes though. Please tell me why you're here!

Wait a sec... for the person in Greenville, NC, USA who is looking for traditional Fijian recipes (yes, you found my miti and hope you like it. Heck I like it.) feel free to ask for anything from that region, no worries! Mango, coconut, pineapple, pork, prawns, octopus, preserves, fish,  marmalades, etc. You name it (and if it's south pacific) I can make it. I'll even tell ya how. Heck, I can even tell you which tree the narcotic/hallucinogenic kava, or yaqona, is made from AND how to make it easily. Aren't I just a helpful bloke?

To keep you entertained during this interlude, here's some birdie pics. I've not put any captions on, so you can leave a caption in the comment section. Or not.


Mon said...

I cannot believe....that is in your own backyard. The coolest bird I have ever seen in my yard is a blue bird. It's my life's dream to go to Australia! Now, i want to even more. How cool!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

G'day mon! Well, it's a couple of days late... oops.

It can get pretty hectic and loud in the backyard in the mornings... The cockatoos have a very very very very very loud squack which they are quite fond of practicing. The galahs have a loud chirp, and the lorikeets squeek a lot.

Just click on the bird label to see em all, eh?

Come on down and visit, we'll put some prawns on the barbie for ya and clean the pool.

Anonymous said...