Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tagged again

Warning: Serious Sarcasm Below! No one gets to take offence!

Ack! I've been tagged... again!

I can just imagine some poor, unsuspecting bear coming slowly and sluggishly out of it's den in the spring; getting all ready to find some grub. Then suddenly: Bang goes the biologists tranquilizer gun and down he goes (at least he'll get a little extra hibernation time). I can just imagine his thoughts as he was going under... "On not again! The last time those jerks did this I came to with a big ugly collar that blinked, filed nails, shots for who knows what disease, a bright pink tag in my ear (damn did the guys down at the river give a hard time for THAT!), some kinda radio backpack, and I SWEAR one of those perverts shoved a probe somewhere while I was out of it! Well, at least they cleaned my teeth..." Thud! Snore.

Sheesh, I still hafta finish the last tag: seven weird things about me. I think I'm up to 4 or 5 so if any of you can thing of anything else about me that's weird just feel free to leave a comment about it.

This tag is a kinda 5 thingy thing where you link back to a post about one of the five subjects. I can see the sense of this; folks get to find out about you without having to go trawling through the archives (lazy bastards), that's my job, whee!

Now, if you go to Cathy's blog where she did this and tagged people you'll notice that my name doesn't appear on her five tags. Does this mean I'm psychic? Does it mean I know she'll tag next year and that I know cus I can time travel? Does it mean she can't count?

No. She cheated. She only tagged me in my comments and not also on her blog! Which means I gotta do this WITHOUT getting the added benefit of being prominantly mentioned on such a really cool, wonderful, thoughtful blog. 'Course, after that little bit of brown nosing maybe she'll go fix that *cough, cough, ahem*.

I know get the laborious task of going all through my archives (wee-hoo) and finding ones that'll fit the five categories. Now, I can tell you none of the five will be serious as I don't think I've ever done serious post here.

So, here's the categories:

Link one must be a post about family. Ummmmm, does the cat count?

Link two must be a post about friends. Oooooo, this one'll take some digging...

Link three must be a post about yourself. Sheeeeyit! They all are! I love me and this blog is all about me! Hmmmmm, only one?

Link four must be a post about something you love. Ahhhhh, just go check that label called "food".

Link five can be a post about anything you choose. Bwahaaaaahaaaa! Giggle, snicker...

Alright, them's the categories. So I'd better go start trawling. Now, where's that net? Y'all hold on for a few hours and I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere!

I'm back. Is anyone still here? I'm ready! Hello... lo...o... Echo... echo... ho... Ah, there you are. How was that trip to the bathroom? I hope everything came out alright and it appears you didn't fall in.

Here we go:

I've decided that you will be getting more than one post link. See, I don't follow directions well and back in the dark ages I was much funnier than I am now so I'd thought you all would like to read funny stuff without having to go trawling. Thhbbtbtbhht!

Link one must be a post about family.

At first I thought about linking to the creek climbing day, but then I thought I'd do a recent family one and that involves His Royal Highness Prince Bagheera. Otherwise known as The Fanged Terror.

See? Three links in one! Aren't you lucky?

Link two must be a post about friends.

Well.... hmmmmm... how's about a couple of stories of me cycling with some mates back in Alaska? Amazingly enough, I met both of them cus they were fencing students of mine!

First is me and Rich playing dead on the Parks Highway.

And second is my and Dan doing some seriously ugly spring riding.

Link three must be a post about yourself.

Well now... THAT certainly opens the floodgates! Hmmm... let me think (this'll take a while)...

How's about this one and this one? Yeah, those'll do!

Link four must be a post about something you love.

Well now... all you gotta do is just go over to my "food" label and you'll find out about what I love: FOOD! I also really love being a smartass. Heck, I'd much rather be called a smartass than a dumbass any day! Wouldn't you? Well, you in the back, maybe not...

Now, my smartassedness doesn't take the form of cutting, insulting remarks that you see on US sitcoms. No, mine are designed to get a good laugh, even if it's at my expense. I also have this really cool ability (besides being able to see in the dark) to think these little gems up on the spur of the moment! See, here's an example.

Link five can be a post about anything you choose.

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA!!!!! Free rein! I can post anything! Oh, wait... it's my blog and I can do that anyways, shit.

Let's see... this one is pretty good. And some of you might get a kick out of this one. I think this one says a lot about me.

There's much much more dave goodness in the archives. So if you've made it this far then you are either really bored at work or you're up very late.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to tag five others... Hmmmm, I'll get back to you on that. Have a nice evening!

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