Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am touched


Gosh, that word can have so many different meanings...

Obviously, there's the fizzical (physical) touching between two organisms that can result in an orgasm. Ok, since you all know that, why don't we just go on to the next one.

Isn't there something like 'touched by god' or 'touched by spirits'? Not exactly sure what either of those mean, but hey, to each his or her own.

Then we come to the obvious definition... touched meaning "a bloody well crazy bloke"! Yup, that one fits yours truly (that's me, SHUT UP!) just fine. Ummm, what else do you call someone who biked at minus 58 (minus 92 with the windchill)? What else do you call someone who moved to the other side of the world sorta on a whim? What else would you call someone who thinks it is feasible to cycle across Antarctica? Ok, the riding across Antarctica was NOT MY IDEA, but damn I wish it was! My bro-in-law suggested it after a night of me regaling the family with my massively studly winter cycling exploits up in the frozen north --that cool (cold) place known ignominously as the 49th State of the US (Not Anchorage! That part doesn't count as Alaska).

So, like, why won't "I" do it? There's a huge list of reasons, firstly is that it'd be fucking 'spensive.

Nextly, I don't like crevasses! Oh get your mind out of the gutter you sluts. I'm talking about the glacial ones (alright, now your mind really is in the gutter, shall we have a drink while we are down here?)

I'd be totally out of human contact for months... No 'puter, no family, no tv, no politics, no work (oh wait, I don't work)... Shit, that sounds good, eh?

Digging ice-trenches every night might get tiresome. Of course, I'd be the worlds foremost expert on them when I was done.

Now, ski-joring across would be cool. Nothing like the smell of malemute and husky to get a man going in the morning --I mean that in every possible way (wink).

This post was supposed to be about the planting and gardening I did today but the gardening didn't happen. Oh, I bought everything I need: new chili plants, new basil, new ground cover, new potted color. Got all the shovels and rakes and implements of destruction ready (thanks Arlo), troughs, rakes, trowels, shovels, etc. Oh, yes, I did trim back all my perennial herbs a while ago. Got the garlic bulbs ready.

So... what happened? It got cold and windy, THAT'S WHAT! And that's is the REAL reason why I ain't going to bike or ski-jor across that there continent a few thousand miles south of here: I've turned into a WUSS!!!! Six years in an endless summer will do that to a hardy (formally) sourdough. Yeah, yeah, 4 years ago I was riding in a hailstorm at 5 am down here in a short sleeved jersey and shorts and the only thing on my mind was that I hoped I remembered how to slide through bends in the road on the ice properly.

I am now officially NOT a sourdough. sigh... hanging head in dismay... Brrrr, someone light the damn fire! Oh wait, that's me... Oh wait, I also gotta split the wood...

Now here's the part you all have been waiting for:


Remember, I'm righting (writing) this blog like I'm a wealthy, world famous, Antarctic crossing, TOUCHED blogger... This is for those of you who have found me 30 years from now and are time-traveling (travelling for all you UK folks) through my archives.

Without further ado (about nothing, thanks Shakes):

A Cassarole (not the US style, please note)

This is another easy one, in fact you get TWO recipes with this --weeee, something
for free in this world: a toofer (you know, two for one... toofer... oh, never mind).

Extra bonus: No conversions needed!!! Woo-hoo! This one's for everyone**!

Have you noticed I'm starting you all out gently with recipes and cooking? Don't
worry, they get more fun and adventurous as time drags on. Ugh, can't believe
I just typed that line of crap...

What you need:

one roaster pot with a lid (them old black, enameled ones your mum had that she
got from her mum work the best)
a few of hunks of really cheap, tough beef (or pork, or lamb, or roo, or moose, or bear, or wombat, or sheep, or BUNYIP, or wooly mammoth, or smilodon, or sasquatch, or caribou, or whatever)
2 onions; rough chopped
4 carrots; rough chopped
6 spuds (potatoes) peeled (or not); rough chopped

What you do:

Put the hunks, chunks, or pieces of cheap beef in the bottom of the roasting pot.

Add everything else, layering as you go (up, dummy) and lightly salting each layer.

At this point, your roaster should full be right to the top. Add water (H2O) till the
water (H2O) is about half to 2/3rds to the top.

Put the lid on (this step has a serious DUH-factor).

Cook in oven for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours at 175 C (350 F).

Ummm, serve it up! You can make gravy with the juices if you'd like (damn, gotta do a gravy
making entry soon).

BONUS recipe: The next day, take all the leftovers and chuck them in the blender (add
more H2O (Water) if needed) and blend it till it's all liquified (I like that word: liquify It can mean so much to so few...). Heat it up and serve with fresh, homemade (homaid) bread (damn, gotta do a homaid (homemade) bread entry).

Do ya'll like my use of parenthesis? Comes from a programming background.

** I put a double asterisk so you'd notice. Don't worry you vegetarians, I've got several
coming up for you too so please stay tuned :)

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