Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing in action sept 15th

I've been trying to repost this for two days now... Can't get through to publish a damn thing at blogger, sigh.

Trying again to give you the missing bit from the 15th --you'll notice a fairly large discrepency/incongruity, here's what it's supposed to read:

Something to sharpen the knife with. Chuck out the cheap sharpening steel that came with your knife set and get a good stone. Better yet, use the bench grinder in your hubby's (or wifey's) garage.

WOODEN cutting board (I like using caps for emphasis, does it help?) I saw disgustingly overpriced wooden cutting boards and almost puked on the store floor... Then I went around to the local hardware shop and bought a cheap piece of pine (1 foot by 2 foot by 1 inch) and have been using it ever since (ask me how to keep it from warping. See, I'm already begging for comments and questions).

Good thick-bottomed saucepans (not aluminium (aluminum)).

Food processor (processer). Mine holds less than a third of a litre (liter) and if I don't have a great big ole one under the yule tree this year then I'm going to do some kitchen knife sharpness testing...

From here, I'm going to assume (yes, I know the joke) you have a blender, whisk, beaters, fry pans, roasters, forks, spoons, plates, bowls, some type of cooking device, etc.


I got the original version of this from a book called Real Beer and Good Eats. I had originally bought the book as a pressie for a friend, then I saw how good it was and decided to keep it. I bought him a drink-mixing book instead and he was happy (we both were, it was a great party).

I modified the recipe to make it a helluva lot easier and quicker, so I think it counts as one of mine, eh?

Dave's beer and bleu cheese toasted croutons:

What you need:

Croutons (duh) --check out this footnote **

Olive oil (without poppy (popeye) seed --did you get it? nudge, wink)

Bleu cheese (double duh)

a beer --light lager or light pilsner is fine (that means cheap crap)

**Make your own croutons, any flavour (flavor), it's easy. Take a slice or two of fresh bread and cut it into crouton sized pieces (don't use a serated bread knife for this, you'll only end up tearing the bread if you do). Chuck in whatever seasonings you want (salt, white pepper, lemon pepper, cayenne powder, ground coriander (cilantro) and so on). Toss it all in a bowl, then leave UNCOVERED till the little bread squares (cubes, oops) are dry (a few days). Poof, instant croutons.

more soon,

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