Friday, September 01, 2006

First post

Ok, I'm geeky/retarted/anal enough to do the first post as a test... Sigh. I do the same thing when I'm setting up new email accounts too!

There'll be much much much more to come; lots of food stuff, lots of cycling stuff, stories from Alaska, stories from Oz (Aus), some gardening, and general comments about life. Sorry folks, no political crap --I feel there's more than enough bad news in the big ole world so why should I add to it, eh?

more soon,


Oh, yeah, there'll be a cool recipe each post too, I'll probably run out of my own in a few decades...

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Anonymous said...

Я интересуюсь будущим потому что собираюсь провести там всю свою остальную жизнь