Saturday, September 30, 2006

A toofer

Wee-whoie! Two (2) posts in one day! Dang, I hope y'all appreciate it...

Remember when I said the nice meal I AM gonna make would only take 30 mins... Weeeelllll, you can add some time (thyme, snicker) to that. I was going to use last night's leftover roast spuds for the base of the potato patties, but SOMEONE (actually, 2 (two) someones) had them for lunch.

Oh, the agony. Oh, the hurt. When will this cruel world let me be...?

I have a saying in times like these: If this is the worst thing that happens today, then it's gonna be a good day. I'm actually thinking of taking out a patent on that thar sucker! It really makes any little teeny thing that goes wrong just laughable. Try it (mikey), you'll like it.

The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, or the next time you are delayed by 20 seconds waiting for a streetlight, or the next time some a**hole eats the leftovers you were planning on using, or the next time you drop the razor sharp axe on your shin (oh, scratch that one from the list); just think to yourself, "If that's the worst thing that happens today, then it will be a good day." You'll soon find that all the little, niggly things that used to pile up and irritate the hell out of you and make you drink the six pack before dinner (ok, you can still have the six pack) just don't seem to matter much. GO ON!!! TRY IT!!!! IT WORKS!!

Well, I guess I'm off to peel some spuds...

Oh, the ice cream mixture is cooling and it'll soon be ready to go into the ice cream maker: Homemade chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate mint from your own garden! Mmmmmmm.

Whoopsie, Food Stuff:

You don't get a recipe this thyme (time), but I'll give you a great tip and then expound upon said tip soonly:

Get. A. Steamer. It don't have to be bamboo, anything will do (try to avoid aluminium (aluminum)).

Coming up in the next episode: Things from veggies you can steam that you would have normally thrown away --how's that for a teaser?

Remember folks, keep yer stick on the ice,


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