Sunday, September 24, 2006


I gots the broadband blues...

Yeah, I know I'm an ancient dinosaur cus I'm still on a dialup. I mean, come on! Everyone in Timbukto and Katmando has broadband. A year ago every apartment in South Korea was getting hardwired for it.

However, I live in a backwater area of a backwater city in a backwater state in a backwater country. AND I LIKE IT THIS WAY!!!!! I go mountain bike riding on the horse trails around the corner --well it's not what I think of as mountain bike riding, but since I'm on the mountain bike while on the trails I guess I can call it that. Three minutes up the hill are the first farms and market gardeners and then it's horse and dairy country (just roll the window down and you'll know its horse and dairy).

Now, I'm not bitching about not have broadband, heck I'd probably go through the monthly allotment in a week and then it's back to dialup speed. Umm, what's that I hear you folks in the US say?? Monthly allotment of downloads??? Yup! Heck, there's still some companies here that charge BY THE HOUR for dialups!

Cable modem? Huh? Duh what's that??? Sheesh, dudes the damn cable lines DO go both ways. Try telling that to Telstra, HA!

So Telstra has promised to build a tower so this area can get wireless broadband... I am not happy with this since I wouldn't be getting broadband anyways. Wireless... Hmmm. Wee hoo! more microwave radiation ALL OVER THE PLACE. Did you know you can cook an egg using two mobile phones (cell phones)? It takes about three minutes and all you need to do is have them placed on either side of the egg with an am/fm radio on somewhere in the room and your egg will cook!

Soooo, which cooks faster: and egg in a shell, or a brain (fat) in a skull?

Anywho, I don't need nor want broadband. I don't download movies or songs and images from cycling sites download quick. I don't want it, and I don't want to be bathed in microwave radiation all day. Sounds to me like I need to move farther and further out into the wild blue yonder, eh?

Ok, 'nuff bitching, on with some food goodness:

This one is SIMPLE! It could be one of the easiest recipes I post, and one of
the tastiest (they're all tasty though, but for a tasty to simple ratio (T/S) this one
really rocks).

What you need:

One small can of tuna in brine (150-200 grams or 5 to 6 oz)
50-75 grams of sun-dried tomatoes (2 to 2 1/2 oz)
an onion (you'll only use a bit of it)
olive oil

What you do:

Drain the can of tuna, then give the brine to the cat that's climbing up your leg (ummm,
put the brine in a bowl first; if you dump it on the cat then the pussy-cat (ahem) will smell like
tuna for days).

slice off around 1/4 (1/4) of the onion and mince the slice finely.

Add drained tuna, minced onion, and sun-dried tomatoes to a food processor. Add some
olive oil (around 3 or 4 tbsp to start with).

Process the heck out of the mix! Ain't electricity great! If it's not smooth and creamy, then
add olive oil until you get a nice creamy, smooth, finished dip.

Refridgerate overnight and then dig in the next day with whatever crackers, chips, fingers,
toes, etc you'd like.

Like I said, couldn't be simpler, eh?

Cheerios from Oz,


ps just a reminder guys: shake, don't wring

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