Monday, April 07, 2008

Galahs and Rainbow Lorikeets

Well... I guess I really (k)need to thank Cathy for not only not getting mad at me, but even giving me my own post on her blog! What a gal! For those of you visiting my site from a region NOT wintery, she has some great dog mushing and snowmachining shots up. So go take a squizz!

Note: Squizz is aussie slang for 'taking a look at'. See, nothing wrong with using 'squizz' now, is there?

Some of you visit my wee little corner of this particular universe in search of pretty bird pics. Well, I'm, happy to say today, "Here ya go, mate!"

Pardon me, but is this ledge taken?

Oi, mate! Take the damn shot cus my wings are killing me from holding this damn pose for ya!

Some of you visit to read my sometimes funny stories of me... well, not today! Cus I can't sit in the chair long enough to type. It's my back... here, read this and you'll understand. This ain't to say that I've ran out of stories (HA!), or ran out of humo(u)r (HA!); it's just that it might be a day or two before I can sit still for a spell.

Some of you have visited from the chess gaming site I'm a member of wanting pics of my chess table that I made from scratch and the dragon and faerie pieces I have. Well, you'll have to wait just a tad bit longer (I'm REALLY gonna try to get the chess post up this arvo, no promises though).

Now I have to go rest... time for my mid-morning nap :)