Monday, April 14, 2008

Farting Cockatoo

Oh ho ho ho ho HO! I'll be very interested to what the heck sorta searches this post turns up with a title like that!

I outta get some google ads on this site. Not to take y'alls money, but just to see what sorta ads turn up when I go off on some serious and ridiculous tangents! Like when I did the Wing Wax advert post titled Underwear! That should have gotten some cool ads, eh?

Or how about when I said that no enhancements were done to this next pic? What kinda google ads do you think would have shown THAT day?


So if'n any google ads show up here, it's not cus I've sold out (unless they pay me lots of money, I'm not cheap) but it's just cus I wanna see what the spider bots think are "appropriate" ads for my text.


I meant to put some birdie pics in with the last post from 30 minutes ago, but, alas, I forgot. So hear (here) ya go:

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