Friday, September 04, 2009

It's Now YOUR Turn...

... to be funny! It's easy, trust me. Would I lie to you? Well, maybe, if you paid me. A lot.

I'm going to put up five (5) pictures that you haven't seen before. Well, if you are reading this for a second time then you have seen them the first time so if that's the case just pretend it's the first time.

Your mission --and please accept it, except if you don't want to-- is to add funny capshuns to them. The easiest way would be to use the comments, BTW. I'm sure some of you are funny (looking) or perhaps you have a tiny funny person inside you screaming to get out and tell your serious, projected persona to take a hike.

Either way, just to what a good Aussie would do: Give It A Go, Mate!

Before I put the pictures up, did you notice some funny things I've written and you've wreadden so far? See! It's easy! Make up words, use the wrong word, mix up words that sound the same but mean totally different things, etc.

Or you could try being stupid. Cus sometimes stupid is funny too. If you aren't sure weather or knot you can think, act, write, or say something stupid off the top of your head (close shave, bald yet?) then try this: What would Sarah Palin think? See? Perfect! Works every single time, you betcha!

Here are your pics. Some may be easy, some may not be. And no copying off someone else's paper or you'll get sent to the Principal's Office. It's the principle of the matter...

fluffy cockatoo

lorikeet on brick wall

cat flaunting himself

good head angle

hiding galah

Good luck, and don't worry cus I grade on a curve.


Frances said...

1) Bad Feather Day
2) Where's me Vodka
3) Slack Cat (Unrude) or Want a piiice of this! (rudey)
4) Wot u lookn at! Willis
5) 7, 8,9 ... Here I come!

TwoYaks said...

Entrant #1

Entrant #2

These ideas brought to you by the future wildlife managers of Alaska, AKA gradstudents.

We're all doomed.

Anonymous said...

1.) There's Something About Cockatoo.

2.) Dejected, Todd Palin has his back against the wall.

3.) Rub Me Belly

4.) Sarah Palin Stare Down with Katie Couric.

5.) Sarah Palin Tries to Hide Away after Stepping Down as Governor of Alaska.

Alaska-womom said...

#1) "Now Class...."
#2) Just another Brick in the Wall
#3) Kitty Porn


dragonfly said...

1: "Psst. Fly's open."

2: Uh, find your own urinal.

3: "Thaaat's riiiight...just a leeetle closer, sucker...closerrrr"

4: "Dude, your fly is STILL open"

5: *flirt*

Anonymous said...

1. "If she calls me 'Koochie-Wookles' one more time, I swear I'm going to fly down there and bite her nose off, even if the dude in the green robe *does* call her wifey-whatever!"

2."Little to they know that if you peck this brick just right, it makes the wall swivel, and behind it is the secret headquartes of P.R.U.D.D. -- Parrots Rule the Universe, Dinchyaknow, Damnit? And they *really* don't know nuthin' about the thermonuclear device back here ... he he he..."

3. "To perform this asana, stretch out on your back; make sure humans are watching; retract your front claws to lull them into a false sense of security; flex your back claws and make sure your fangs are exposed; watch for the idiot with the camera who thinks you're cute; hold this posture till he's done taking pictures, then head-butt his shins, and demand fish. This is called the 'furry purry fishing posture.' Does not work when humans are not watching."

4. "You look him right between the eyes and he comes closer ... you look awful cute, and he decides to go get the birdseed bag ... you wait till he gets back then SCREAM for your friends who've been hiding behind the tree ..."

5. "Don't look! Don't you dare look! I've got this terrible zit on my beak!"

--WP. Or Wifey-Poo.

dragonfly said...

WP, you made me laugh so hard I did that snort thing. You both have a most excellent sense of humor =)

DaDuck said...

the only thing I got is for the second one.

"Does this brick pattern make my head look too blue?"

off2fish said...

One of these pics is unlike the others. One of these pics is all on it's own.

After a bottle of Merlot, I have now dropped into the dark abyss of cyberosity.