Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cutest Pictures EVER!

"Yeah, yeah. Sure dave." Yes, that's what I heard everyone in cyberspace say.

Now you are busy trying to figure out what the punchline for the post title is and whether or not I'll start with something cute and then end with something gross. Am I right?

That's not to say that I don't deserve the skepticism, mind you. I have been known put up pics of a cute, female, wild kangaroo and then follow the pics with a recipe for smoked roo sausage. Or perhaps I could show a pic of the cutest baby roo ever and then a pic of ground roo meat for burgers? No, wait, I already did that.

Hmmmmmm, I could just be gross and put up pictures of spiders as large as your hand and also a spider eating a bird. Or maybe closeups of ones I found in the pool...? Darn, I've already done each of those too.

Since I can't think up any nifty, smarmy, smartassed way of posting the following pictures and making then jokes about them, then how's abouts I just let them speak for themselves?

Bit of backstory: I am a great koala spotter (the permenant kink in my neck from staring upwards at the trees is proof). I am also a great picture-taker of the koalas that I spot.

I snapped a couple of quick ones of this sheila and then I wasn't going to take any more. I then noticed she looked a little different from the usual koalas I see. So I then took some more.

If you don't think that baby koalas are the absolute cutest critter ever (or at least in the top 5) then I have something to shout out to you:


But if you are telling the truth when you say that baby koalas aren't one of the cutest critters ever, then I can truthfully say, "You have no soul."

Just look at these pics and then try to say that baby koalas aren't cute!

First, mommy hiding the little brat. Then in the next four the little brat makes an appearance!

mama koala 01

mama and baby koala 01

mama and baby koala 02

mama and baby koala 03

mama and baby koala 04

BTW, momma and baby koala are wild. Those shots were not taken in a zoo or a preserve.

And now to get back to some stupidity: A conversation with WP.

YT (Yours Truly, that's me): Hey hon, let's go somewhere.

WP (Wifey-Poo, The Most Wonderful Woman In The Entire World): *He's going to be romantic! Tingle, tingle* What did you have in mind dear?

YT: Let's go to Fiji.


YT: Look at this! Our local RAA Travel Office from my RAA Insurance is having a great special. 7 Days and 6 nights at a luxury resort and round trip airfare.

WP: *As long as it doesn't end up like the movie* Ooooooooooo, that is nice. Wow! What a great price! One problem though.

YT: What?

WP: We need the money.

*YT thinks, thinks, and thinks some more*

YT: I know! There're banks nearby! We can be like Bonnie and Clyde!

WP: Hmmmmmm, that'd work. Oh wait, who'd take care of mom if we're caught?

YT: Good point.

*YT thinks some more*


*3 hours pass*

YT: Eureka!

WP: Have you been in the tub again?

YT: Of course not, silly.

WP: *and I was soooo hoping, sigh*

YT: Nope, I've figured out how we can get the money to go to Fiji!

WP: Oh do tell.

YT: Here's what I'll do...

To Be Continued


Anonymous said...

Dave, Luv reading your blog.
Can I snag your pictures along with a link to your blog to forward to friends?


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Anon: No worries mate! Snag away and thanks for a return link too. Don't be a stranger, no one here bites.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is in contention for cutest photo. I love the first picture to the second picture. I can just imagine the little dude poking his head out of mama's pouch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite and generosity. This North Carolina girl has been making herself at home here for almost a year. Came by way of Kodiak Konfidential. Always find an enjoyable read and your photos never fail to impress.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

ScienceBloke: Ok, I must confess. She was so far away I didn't even know she had a baby with her. I trusted the camera to take the shots. When we got home and looked at the pics full screen was when we saw the little bloke. What a cutie!

Rebecca NC: Ah! I did get a lot of traffic from Fishsticks (Ishmael) during the election last year. Glad you like the photos. 'Course now I need to make sure I post really impressive ones.

dragonfly said...

You're right- cutest pictures ever! And lucky you to get to see it in person. Waiting for next installment of the convo with WP, Fiji sounds -awesome-.