Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Baby Galah, Baby Kangaroo, and Mathematics for Tomatoes

So, like, WHAT the heck do those three things have in common? Absolutely nothing! Unless you count the fact that not only are they all from South Oz, but also from some fertile figment of my little brain.

Firstly, the baby galah (it's SOOOOOO cute!).

One of the galah pairs that comes by every now and then brought their little baby with them. I doubt the little tyke was off the nest for more than a day. So cute!

Just look at the size of those feet!
baby galah01

I'm sure that all my regular readers will easily be able to tell that this bloke is a bloke and not a sheila.

Here he is turned around on the railing:
baby galah02

He then jumped down and started waddling on over to me next to the pool:
baby galah03

Ain't he just the cutest? Gosh...

You know I've had other baby critters from down under approach me thinking I might be their mommy or daddy:
Are you my mommy?

Later on that day I was hungry...
ground roo

No, you didn't see that. Just move along and pretend it didn't happen...

On to the tomato section of this post.

I've decided that I need to actually write down the formula so that all you mathematically inclined blokes and blokettes can follow along with this seasons' great tomato count.

So here it is:


where h is one half the square of tomatoes harvested, and o is one half the square of tomatoes on vine.

As any first semester high school calculus student will tell you, this is equivalent to

adding the number of tomatoes harvested plus the number of tomatoes still on the vines to get the total number of tomatoes!

This week, it happens to be 55+211=266

The bruschetta tonight will be loaded with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden.


Suzer said...

LMAO! Love the jump from roo to roo mince! I did an out loud laugh/snort at that.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Hopefully you weren't in the middle of drinking something :) Otherwise you'll be asking me for the cost of a new keyboard!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

The baby is cute.
I feel for WP.

Marie said...

What a gorgeous little galah! We envy you having those gorgeous little visitors to your garden. We've set up a bird feeder, hoping to compete with you, but so far all we have visiting are tits. Great tits, even blue tits (it's quite cold at the moment). While it makes for some mildly amusing tit jokes, they are hardly on a par with your visitors. But at least that 8kg bag of sunflower seed might last all winter :)

Once upon a time roo mince was strictly pet food. Or are you that hard up?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: I feel her everyday too :)

Marie: The tit jokes would just be waaaay too easy. Therefore I'll refrain --but still giggle to myself.

Roo mince, there's still the pet food quality stuff, but they started producing it for "human consumption" about when I arrived (when you left, did I smell that bad?). You can still get roo roasts and roo steaks. Of course they are a bit pricery. A kilo of roo mince is up to AUD$7.99 now.