Monday, December 22, 2008

Who's Been Tagged? Name This Bird.

One or two of you have been asking if you are "tagged" from my two "commenters tag" posts. Well, yes. Yes you are. I'm not holding anyone to this one though (like I could?) cus it involves a bit of work and everyone is busy with the holiday season.

However, I do want to make a list of the folks who were tagged. You know, just for the heckuva it.



SV Meerkat








No pressure, y'all.

Here's where you get to come up with a really cool, weird, or bizarre name for this bird. Oh, and there's four pics of it to give you lot's of angles.





So let's hear what you come up with!

BTW, I've lost a cat... His Lord and Mighty Highness, Lord and Master of All He Surveys, Prince Bagheera. Sadly, he's turned into a black, furry, throw rug that ends up in the oddest of places...
lazy lazy cat
Oi! What else is a bloke supposed to do when it's 96 F in the shade?

I, of course, spent the arvo in the pool... pictures coming soon!

But how's about a teaser for tomorrow? Hmmmmmm, dave goes outside at 6 am to feed da boids. dave then strips out of his robe and swims buffly in the pool. A half an hour later, dave exits pool and puts on shorts that have been sitting outside overnight from the previous night's skinny-dipping. What did dave find hanging out in the shorts (not a spider, btw)? Stay tuned!


Kiwi Lindsay said...

My guess is Pukeko (part of the rail family) - but what is it doing in Australia? I get to watch them outside my work window in Hamilton NZ...

Suzer said...

One question (and perhaps I wasn't reading closely enough). Part two involves answering questions, but are we to make up those questions?

Ishmael said...

Well, I'm thinking you got a Christmas Tarantula in the taint.

Fizzgig said...

loooove the cat photo! and that's an awesome looking bird!

I might do the tag xmas eve when I'm counting the minutes til I can leave work!

KC said...

I spent some time digging around, but my Aussie bird lists were pretty useless. It would have helped to know that its a rare transient in AU. 'course, that'd be too easy for the readers. ;)

It's a Pukeko, me thinks. Where'd you shoot it? That's one neat bird.

tundratantrum said...

Come on now, pay attention. I already did mine. *PTTHPTHPPTH*

Marie said...

Mine will have to wait for the New Year - I'm flat lout at the moment and not really supposed to be faffing about on-line...

My guess is that the bird is a Purple Swamphen. But I'm surprised to see one in SA. I always think of them as being a bit more tropical..

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hmmmm... on the bird? Uh Dave? Can we name it Dave?
Ok, will do the tag, but it will take just a bit of time - you know, gotta get sober...
Love the cat. Useless.

Arvay said...

What? I mainly read your food blog so only happened upon this today... Hmmm I don't think I even have 10 commenters! I'm sure I don't have 10 commenters that whose identities I actually know!

Frances said...

Sorry can't help with bird name but I came on just to thank you for your great recipes and wish you and your lovely wife a very Merry Christmas.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Kiwi Lindsay: The kiwi Pukeko is pretty much the same bird as the aussie Purple Swamphen, it's just a subspecies of it. That's cool that you can watch them from your work window, neat!

Suzer: I got tagged from Deirdre at the Ester Republic and those are the questions she had. So I went with them.

Ishmael: In your dreams, mate. In your dreams...

Fizzgig: Bagheera is a bleedin' lazy bugga! The tag actually takes a bit of work, wouldn't want you to use valuable work time on it LOL!

KC: It actually does hang out in this area. Purple Swamphen. The pics of this bloke and young'un were taken about a kilometre away from the house.

Tundratantrum: Yeah, I saw that... It's actually the reason why I put up the 'tagged' post so others might follow your lead. Of course, you know that unless you're the lead dog the view never changes...

Marie: Don't feel you need to do this one, it can take some time. Yes, it is a Purple Swamphen. They do come around in this area and also down the East Coast and on thru Vic. These were taken at Warraparringa (near Flinders) on the trail going around the east side of the ponds and marshes. You may remember the area as Laffer's Triangle.

SV Meerkat: Let Heather know she can name the bird Dave, no worries. Oh, and don't let them run you aground while they are having their holiday festivities.

Arvay: Oh c'mon, you've got at least ten unique commenters! And you don't need to know any of them, but you do need to have a look through their blog. Hmmmm, this could be a good thing to do during your semester break? Especially if there's a day when it's too cold for you and the dogs to go skijoring.

Frances: Hiya! Merry Christmas back at ya! Glad you like the recipes. I've been meaning to add your blog to my blogroll, I've got about 20 or so to add --I'm lazy when it comes to that.

To all: Happy Holidays!!

Alaska Steve said...

Dang it! I was thinking Blue Breasted Chicken Vulture . . . .happy holidays from AK - sorry I was late to the party, I'm just getting caught up! Great pictures as always . . . . cheers, steve

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Steve: I like the pics from your new camera. The eagle shot is great. Ummmm, are you REALLY going out crabbing in early January in Bristol Bay?? Dang mate, you got balls. BIG balls!