Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flippin' Da Boid

Oopsie! I just noticed that in the last post (that'd be the one about the sharks eating the swimmers) I plain forgot to post some Australian parrot pictures.

Well, I'll fix that today. But before I get to that, here's...



So far 63 ripe, juicy, sun-heated tomatoes have been consumed and 217 are still on the vines. Hmmm, any guesses as to what tonight's dinner will be based upon? If you guessed tomato and roo, then you'd be right.

On wit' da boidy pics!

I purposely over-exposed this shot so it'd look like a beak and eyes peering out of the white background. Unfortunately there are still some feathers showing... grumble.
overexposed cockatoo

With this next one I was *sure* the cockatoo would jump down to the top of the feeder. So I pre-focused and got all the settings right and then waited and waited and waited for the cockatoo to jump from the top of the brick wall. As soon as s/he jumped I tripped the shutter. Too bad s/he didn't go to where I thought s/he would...
missed picture

But I did get one good pic this morning:
one galah two little corellas

Just ignore the two blurry blokes up top and have a look at the babe landing on the rail:
cool cockatoos

Everyone write your own caption for this last shot:
wingspread cockatoo

A bonus Conversation With Wifey-Poo!

Some background: I've got an infected hair follicle on the outside of my lower lip, right hand side. It hurts almost as bad as when a wasp stung the inside of my lower lip when I was a wee tyke (don't ask... PLEASE don't ask).

Remember, YT is myself (yours truly) and WP is Wifey-Poo, otherwise known as the most wonderful woman in the entire world.

WP was working at her computer as YT was staring out the window watching the birds. YT then turns and heads to the kitchen...

YT: Dang my lip hurts!

WP: Mmmmm, yes dear. *whatever*

YT: Makes me want to take up show jumping.

WP: Mmmmm, yes dear. *whatever*

YT: Oh, so you go that one, eh?

WP: Hmmm, what's that you said dear?

YT: I said my lip hurts.

WP: It's infected, of course it'll hurt. *oh crap, what did I miss?*

YT: So then I said I should take up show jumping.

WP: You've lost me on this one. *how can I find a nice way to ignore him?*

YT: The Royal LIPizzaner Stallions?

WP then continues typing and doesn't say a word.


Anonymous said...

Do they taste like chicken?

Ishmael said...

Dude, seriously, is it safe to eat so many tomatoes?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Great pics.
Jealous of the tomatoes - they are SO good for you!!! And there is nothing better than a home-grown, vine-ripened tomato - yum.
Now the conversation... hmmmmmm. Yep, WP definitely signed you up for that shark triathalon. She has sold your armor and fired the helicopter pilot. No worries mate! ;)

Marie said...

Dear god, your puns are worse than mine and that's really saying something.

We are paying premium prices at the moment for hard, anaemic looking pale red tomatoes from Holland. Oh, did I mention they are tasteless? For a second I thought I was eating the foam packing, but no, sadly, it was the tomato. I envy you.

I think you need snow in that first photo - we have plenty of that to spare if you need it. My better half (his words, not mine) captured this little critter out in the fields the other day: - maybe you need this background for Polly Parrot.

And I just cracked up as the word verification is "ramshite" - perfect!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Anon: more like ptarmigan.

Ish: Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. Ummm, you remember what happened to Violet? Perhaps this explains my reddish complexion and odd swelling. And a sudden urge to stand in the dirt in the hot sun?

SV Meerkat: I'll post a proper when reply when I get out of the hospital... Heck, I didn't need both legs anyways.

Marie: Yours are pretty good though, I'm impressed. As far as tomatoes go... when WP first visited Alaska she went to get some tomatoes from the store. Big, red ones. She said they tasted like cardboard. I was like, "Huh? It's a tomato." I've since learned what real, juicy, hot-off-the-vine tomatoes taste like... mmmmmmmm.

That picture is SOOOOO cool! Is ti some type of ferret?

Marie said...

The critter in the picture is a short tailed weasel, also called an ermine. In winter coat of course. They are a mangy brown colour in summer.

Anonymous said...