Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watching Me Swim Naked!

Ha! I knew that'd git ya to read this post. Now the big question is WHO is watching me swim naked?


From high above the Earth inside their orbiting stealth platform in geosynchronous orbit over South Oz, aliens have taken high quality photos of my pool! I swim in the pool frequently... orphanly (oftenly) --big shout out to Gilbert and Sullivan-- and in the mornings it can even be nakedly.

Will I show up in any of these photos? Hmmmmm, YOU be the judge:

da house

Yup, Aliens!

But enough about me, how are you? Oh, sorry to hear that, bummer about that barium enema you had to go through...

Shifting gears:

I've been tagged! Yes, the nice lady who runs The Ester Republic up in Ester, Alaska has tagged me. Since she did hers in two parts, I'm also going to do mine in two parts. After I finish the second part then I'll tag the ten folks who deserve it.

And Deirdre, you and your hubby have a standing invite to visit.

Ok, here's the deal: I list the last ten commenters on my blog, say a bit about each of their blogs, and then (in part two) I answer a question about each one. Piece o' pie! Easy as cake!

But I'm changing the rules a bit though. See when Deirdre (can I call you DeeDee?) listed mine she gave both my blogs urls. That means I get to pick from the previous ten on both my blogs! There's a bit of crossover, but the most recent 10 commenters betwixt both my blogs are here.

Oh wait, some birdie pictures for those of you who only come here for the birds (cus that's what kind of brain I've been told I have).

staring cockatoo front

staring cockatoo right

staring cockatoo left

Well trained bugga, eh?

I am also going to get in so much trouble with my synopsis of each blog...

Ok, here's the last ten commenters on my blog(s):

Marie up in Sweden. Marie is from South Oz, and went in pretty much the opposite direction as I did at about the same time! Perhaps she heard I was coming down here and decided to bug out while she had the chance? She's got really cool Swedish type stuff on her blog and she'll be quite happy to send you a can (tin) of the great Northern Swedish delicacy of surströmming.

Geneflow. This is KC up in Squarebanks, my hometown. He's a wildlife biologist and has forgotten more about antlered animals than I've ever known. He likes beer so he's gotta be doing something right. Anyone who makes his own snares while watching Red Green and drinking beer is a fair dinkum bloke! And he's good at identifying Aussie critters.

SV Meerkat. The catamaran Meerkat is a beautiful 49 foot vessel that calls the port town of La Paz in Baja her home. She loves sailing around the islands and her rigging makes great nesting places for birds. She does have to put up with the two winos who have been hanging out belowdecks for a few years. However, since they graciously scrub her bottom, clean the bird crap off the deck, and keep her in good trim she has told me she'll put up with those two for a while longer.

Ishmael Melville. Well, heck. Is there anything I can say about this guy that y'all don't already know? And yes, that includes all the drunken debauchery down at Tony's! Not only have I learned so much about Alaskan bloggers from Ish, but I also really really REALLY appreciate it that not only is he a good sport about my joking with him, but that he has not flown down here to beat the crap out of me --yet.

Suzer's Expat Adventures. She's been to more places on this here planet than I can count! And she decided that Adelaide, South Oz is the place to settle! Although we've never met, I'm sure we'd get along. Especially since there's a picture on her blog with her holding a 1.5 litre bottle of Jim Beam with a big ole smile on her face.

Silicon Valley to Tanana Valley. Arvay is my long lost food twin. She found my blog via my Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Hot Fudge Sauce recipe *drool*. She's recently moved to Squarebanks and is working on her PHD from good ole UAF. She's also much smarter than me (don't laugh!!!!). You should read about some of her skijoring adventures with her dogs... especially about the one when she was squatted down in the snow to go wee-wee and the dogs run around behind her and... well, just read it.

Fizzgig. Fozzywig. Fizzygiggle. Fozzlewozzlewigwam. Something like that. She hangs out somewhere in Ohio and blogs about the fact she's madly in love with her boytoy. Fortunately for him, he reciprocates :) I need to make more funny comments on her blog cus she just gives out so much great blog fodder! Oh, and congrats on losing the 52 lbs, good on ya mate. And she likes vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, wine, etc. Sorry guys, she's taken.

Paige Jennifer. Well I do believe I have Ishmael to thank. See, Paige is a regular commenter of Ish's blog so it's no surprise she wandered down here. She's a writer --and a darned good one at that. I'm hiding in the corner now cus I haven't been around to her blog enough to know whether I can be snarky or not... *sniffle*

A Sense of Place. Alaska Steve hangs out in the thriving metropolis of Unalaska, Alaska. It's a "town" on the Aleutians... Bristol Bay... Year round hurricane force winds... Blowing snow... Uphill both ways! And he rides his motorcycle around the islands to take great pics! And I'm so jealous cus he gets King Crab fresh off the boats!

Tundra Tantrum. You want to know what life is like above the Arctic Circle in a very barren place? Where the folks are more friendly than anyone you've ever met? Cathy has not only some great tales from the frozen north, but some even better photos. Next summer I'm gonna go up there and steal her camera that I'm jealous of. BTW, Cathy; please take lots of dog mushing pics this season. Ta.

Stay tuned for part two.


Ishmael said...

Sweet Jebus, man, that's your retirement villa? I had no idea you lived in the freakin' Sydney Opera House.

Fizzgig said...

I think if i didnt love the drink as much, i could probably work out half as much as I do and lose weight way faster!

Does your wife have to clean that house? Damn! It's huge!

Marie said...

If I thought I could get it through the eagle eyed Australian Customs, I'd send you a tin of surströmming. Set to explode all over you as you open it...

It's an unforgettable experience.

Suzer said...

Lol thanks Dave. Do I seem that well travelled? At some point we should make an attempt to meet up!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: Oh, sorry, that's just the small cottage retreat in the highlands of Colombia.

Fizzgig: Hey, alcohol is the preferred full for dragsters, so don't knock it! As far as cleaning goes... we all pitch in, seriously. I do the pool and the pumps and filters, the front and back yards, the kitchen, the vacuuming, the dishes, the grill, the carport, the gardening, the upper and lower decking, cleaning up all the bird shit, indoor and outdoor windows, plumbing fixes, computer troubleshooting, printer fixes, pay all the bills, all the cooking, shopping and meal planning, clean the roof gutters, laundry, fix the heater, cleaning the walkways and carport, prune back the vines...You know, just a little general help; WP does 3 of the 4 bathrooms, dusting, and MIL's wing; BIL does the parquet floors, the marbled-tiled entranceway, the mahoganey staircase, and his own bathroom and wing; MIL takes lots of naps and reminds me when I need do her windows...

See? We all pitch in!

Marie: You should send a can through! It'd be great if they actually opened it in their offices or warehouses!!!!! LOL!!

Suzer: I've only been to 5 countries and 2 of those were airports only. So yes, you are well travelled. Are there any get togethers planned after the holidays??? Oh, I'll be unavailable during the Tour Down Under as I'll be following the stages and taking lots of pics.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Nice house! Wow. I could fit my boat in your pool.
Just a small correction. One of us is a wino and the other is a beero.
The rest is right on!

Suzer said...

Yes the next meet up of the expats group is on 7th January at The Griffin's Head in Hindmarsh Square, about 6pm...if you're on Facebook at all, look me up as Suzer Dom and/or search for the Expats in Adelaide group (I think I'm the only person on the bloody thing that doesn't use my real name).

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Tell that wino and beero you hang out with to make sure they fix your plumbing BEFORE the sun is over the yard-arm; that way they'll be sober.

Suzer: WP and I will be in Milang for three days in the middle of that week. When's the next one?

Suzer said...

Not sure but will let you know---most likely the 1st Wednesday in February, same time and place.

Anonymous said...