Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas from The Land of Oz!

Ho, ho, ho! Hee, hee, hee! Yep, it's that time of the year! The holiday feast is upon us. This means that starting in 2 days from now I'll be chained to the table post in the kitchen to prepare boatloads of goodies for all... Although "they" don't know that I know where the spare key is hidden so when "they" leave the house I can then go jump in the pool.

'Course, I'll bet some cranky bloke way up north will tattle on me...

Before I get to the Christmas Greetings part of this post, I thought I'd tell you that on the latest bushwalk we saw 7 koalas, 2 emus, 3 yellow-tailed black cockatoos, a pair of kookaburras, 2 bilbys, numerous galahs, magpies, rosella parrots, and we heard around a dozen Bunyips (horrid creature, look it up!).

Here's proof:
cute koala

cute koala 01

cute koala 02

I also have a tomato update for y'all. So far we've harvested 153 ripe, juicy, sun-hot, fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes. There's 232 still on the plants (and they keep producing more and MORE and MORE) so we figure we'll get around six to seven hundred tomatoes by the time the season is over. Not too bad for AUD$35 (USD$23).

It's finally getting warm and it might actually stay there for a while --FINALLY!!! It's 86 F in the shade, 118 F in the sun, but the pool is still a freezing cold 76 F. However, the pool should be in the high 80's this arvo. And that's a good thing cus I've got to scrub the pool walls later today. If that water was any colder I'd need a drysuit, or at least a 5 mm wetsuit! Sigh...

Went for a walk on the beach the other day. Yup, took lot's of pictures too. But I won't put any of those up since I don't want to antagonize anyone going through winter right now. And I especially won't put any pics of when I saw a group of 20-something year-old girls playing beach cricket. They had string bikinis on. I was going to take a picture but since WP had threatened to separate various body parts from my main body part if I did... Well, you get the idea.

To make it up to you blokes in the frozen north, I thought I'd show you some vids of how Aussies celebrate Christmas.

And here's a lesson in 'stralian:

And here's just a couple of commercials for two of my pals up north, Ish and KC:


Anonymous said...

Lucky. I had to shovel two feet of snow today. And that will be light.

KC said...

Hah! Yeah, I love that Carlton Draught ad. It was on this `best of beer commercials` compilation I watched. :) AU in general has good beer commercials. Half the ads were from there!

118Fs is still insufferably cold. I think Apocolypse Designs will do mail orders, so you should get one of their heavy down jackets, so you don't freeze to death in the dark, friggid hole that is this time of year.

Ishmael said...

I knew this girl once who.... um, never mind.... the girl in the Tooheys commercial's got her beat.

Why can't we get Toohey's (or girls that hot) in Amerika?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Sciencebloke: But just think what a great workout it is!

KC: I first saw the Carlton commercial during the Rugby World Cup in 2003. It was sooooo cool! One of the very few commercials I didn't edit out when recording the matches. Apocalypse Design makes great cold weather stuff. I had a custom set of handlebar covers from them yonks ago... I wonder what the charge to ship down here... Oh, never mind; it just warmed up to 96 F in the shade and 124 F in the sun yesterday. I'll think I'll survive.

Ish: You really need to put that story on your blog :) I'm pretty sure there's sheila's like that in the US, just NOT in Kodiak. Never had a Toohey's, I prefer Cascade or Boag's.