Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho!

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!

Hey, ain't this holiday season cool? I mean everyone is posting so much more than the last few years. I guess I'll follow suit...

Firstly, I need to let you know that I am no longer counting the tomatoes on the vines. Why, you ask? Well, cus the plants are in the direct sun and standing out there on the hot bricks while counting tomatoes seriously encroaches into my pool time... harumph! So we'll just go with the number harvested... 201. Yes, less than halfway through the season and we've plucked 201 juicy, sun-hot, ripe, delicious tomatoes off the plants.

I won't bore you with the details of how juicy and tasty they are cus I know you'd just get upset.

It's been rather chilly here lately. Why just an hour ago I looked at the shade temp and it was 93 F. The sun temp was 118 F. I gots to ask ya: Just WHERE did summer go?

Wifey-Poo and I persevered somehow and had our traditional walk along the beach on Christmas morning. Snowpants, parkas, and bunny boots were needed... but we managed. Pics will be showing up soon cus there were some crazy aussies setting up pavilions and barbecues on the beach at 8 am. Crazy bastards!

Here's a pic of a dog that doesn't mind chasing the seagulls through the frozen ocean water:
happy dog 01

I've got some pics of some Aussie birds for those of you who only visit for that, so here you are. Please note the bright blue sky.

For this first one, I had prefocused about 4 inches in front of the branches. I was hoping to catch her just before landing. Well, as you can see, the shutter was late (not my fault!!!!!). But just look at the focus on that left wing!
cockatoo in treetop

Quick! Make a wish!
Go on and try! I dare ya!

There's this odd growth out of the timber of the pool shade...
bird growth

cool cockatoo
Clear the runway! I gots me no brakes!

We will now switch gears --no clutching needed. So if you are here just to see the purdy burdies, then it's time for you to leave... But if you'd like to see some pool pictures, then please continue.

It has come to my attention that several blokes and blokettes Way Up North (thank you Johnny Horton) don't think I spend enough time in the pool. This is because they think I am pale, pasty, and alltogether way too ugly to be living in a sunny, year-round summer paradise.

These next few pics are just for those folks.

I took this shot while laying in the 85 F degree water. This is the view of one of the fences where the flowering vines flower year round.

This next one is the same view, but I'm in the shot. Please notice the beer is on my chest cus it was getting too warm in the dual armchair beer holders on the pool lounger.

I will let you make up your own caption for this one.

Here's lookin' at you, Ish!

Is that barbecue heated up yet? I'd really like to grill the steaks soon...

The hat helps keep the laminar water flow around my back from becoming turbulent:



Frances said...

Cascade beer Mmmmmmmmmm Nice one.

Ishmael said...

Do I even need to mention that it's 15 degrees, snowing and the wind hit 100 this afternoon -- here in Alaska's banana belt?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great afternoon. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your photos a lot. I am a big fan of travelling and taking pictures as well so here I my favourite picture from Norway: (during the Christmas time, I recommend it).  I think I will come back here, so see ya later!

Fizzgig said...

lounging in the pool christmas weekend. Rubbing it in!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Frances: Cascade is great on a hot day. I like the heartier taste of Boag's Premium, but not on a hot day.

Ish: Have you noticed that I don't live there anymore? There is a reason but with all the pool water in my ears I just can't think of it right now...

ScienceBloke: Happy New Year back atcha, mate.

Anon: Those are nice photos. I need to have a look at a few more of them.

Fizzy: See, the pics of blue sky, warm weather and exotic birds are meant to cheer you up!