Thursday, December 04, 2008

Making KC Late For Work

There's a biologist up in Squarebanks (my hometown) who told me that I made him late for work when I posted a pic of a Little Corella Cockatoo and asked folks to identify it.

So I figured, heck! If it worked once, then let's try it again!

BTW, he's been the only one of the new winners to actually request specific wallpapers or screensavers (BTW did you get them in the email I sent???). Yes, Ishmael Melville, I know you've requested some more wallpapers, but since you gave me carte-blanche to pick the pics (and my nose) that means I get to find the *perfect* shots just for you :)

Now for this challenge I'm even going to give you a hint. Aren't I nice?





They all lay eggs.

Wasn't that a great hint?

Here's the three thingies to figure out what they heck they are. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU AUSSIE AND EX-AUSSIE WHO KNOW ALL THESE: Please refrain from identifying them in a comment for a day or so. This is so you smart kids can give the other kids a chance to answer! *giggle*

Aussie critter #1 (this should be easy if you've been paying attention):
runny nose

Aussie critter #2 (getting a bit harder):
masked avenger

Aussie critter #3 (no, this is not a special effect picture):

Remember, they all lay eggs.

Oh, before you go, I've got a modified conversation with WP to share with you. See, the other day on the way back home, I needed to stop at a store to get a bag of sunflower seeds for the little darlings in the backyard. Remember, YT is yours truly, me.

*YT plops bag of sunflower seeds on the checkout counter*

CG (Checkout Girl): Hi, is that all for today?

YT: Yep, no worries.

CG: Ok, it's five-thirty.

YT (without skipping a beat OR BLINKING looks up at the wall clock): Actually, I think it's a little closer to six.

CG: Ummmmmmm... *smiles nervously*

YT: Yeah, that was a bad one.

CG: Bad, very bad.


tundratantrum said...

#1 Dunno

#2 Dunno

#3 echidna

KC said...

I'm giving this one a miss - I need to be out the door at or before 5 am to get out to Eagle Summit before sunrise. No way I'm letting you seduce me into being enormously late this time. ;)

ALSO! Spiney echidna! I love those things!

Ishmael said...

Okay, I'm going for, in order:

The lesser cauliflower macaw,


spiny platypus.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...


Anonymous said...

#3 Nature's way of saying "Do Not Touch."

Marie said...

I'm not an ex-Aussie! I still have Australian citizenship. It's just I also took out Swedish citizenship because I got the feeling that if anything happened to me overseas, the Swedish government might just give a shit. The Aust government sure as hell doesn't.

On that basis:
1) That's the well known Aussie car, the Toyota Corella

2) That's the secret daughter of the Alaskan governor - (Sand)Piper Palin.

3) Hmmmm...that's a prickly one...Echidna not!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Marie: HAHAAHAH! Good un's! But shouldn't it be the Long-Bonneted Toyota Corella?

Gretchen said...

Pretty sure the third critter is an Echidna, so cute!