Saturday, November 29, 2008

Astoundingly Amazing Antipodean Arachnid

But before we get to our wonderful pictures of cute, fuzzy critters from down under, how about a parrot picture or two?

Cus after all, that's the reason I have visitors... it's sure not for my wit and charm...

First, I thought I put up a pic of a pair of vicious, ferocious, seed-flesh eating, mean, nasty critters!
2 lorikeets eating

Yeah, I'd hate to be that sunflower seed...

Moving on...

I thought I'd put up a picture that really illustrates the difference between a male and female galah. You can easily see the difference in the eye colouring in this shot:
upset galah

Plus the fact that the female is yelling and screaming and waving her arms about while the bloke says, "Yes, Dear."

One last thing before I get to the cool critter captures, there was a

Conversation with Wifey-Poo

the other day.

As always, YT is yours truly (that's still me) and WP is Wifey-Poo (the most wonderful, caring, understandable, patient woman in the entire world).

YT: I've got the last of the broccoli steaming for dinner.

WP: Are you sure that'll be enough for all of us?

YT: Oh sure, I'll run it through the food processor and then add it to the creamy chicken soup. I'll add more milk and seasonings, bake a fresh cobb for dunkers, no worries.

WP: Mmmmmm, sounds good!

YT: Well, yeah. After all, it is the soup the BOSS likes.

WP: ...HUH? *Oh crap what's he going on about now*

YT: Oh you know. The British Overseas Secret Service. After all, Mr. Broccoli did direct all those wonderful documentaries about the double-oh agents.

WP: That's bad... very very bad...

And now

the reason

you've read

this far!

Here's a tiny thumbnail of a cute, little furry critter:

Go ahead and click on the thumbnail, no worries. It won't bite!

I dare ya to click it.

I double dare ya!

Triple dare ya!

And for those of you who wussed out and didn't expand the cute, furry critter pic up to over 1400 by 900, here's a slightly smaller version:
dead spider

Then the helicopter circled overhead and got this shot:
same dead spider

If you are wondering how I found this lil' wee beasty, then you may recall that I clean the pool in the mornings before having a swim... Here's what was in the reservior above the filter basket:
floating dead spider

Yup, same critter. Dead and floating upside down.

See? Y'all up north have cute, fuzzy, grizzly bears roaming around mauling folks, and down here we have cute, fuzzy, spiders roaming around in our swimming pools.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We have scorpions and cockroaches.
Cute, fuzzy little scorpions and cockroaches.

tundratantrum said...

adii Dave.....that's just nasty.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Do we get scorpion pics on your site? *nudge, wink*

tundratantrum: I wanted to dissect it with WP taking pics, but she vetoed that proposal.