Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No More Naked Sarah Palin Pics, and Where Are My Weiners?

That's right, there'll be no more RED HOT NAKED SARAH PALIN PICS appearing on this blog. Why? Well, cus it's my blog and I post what I want. So there. THHHBBBTTT!!!

What about my weiners?

NONE of the contest weiners (winners) have emailed me yet about which pics they want for their parrot screensaver or parrot wallpapers. NONE. Not one. As in zero. Heck, I even checked the spam bin in case the emails got misdirected by gmail. Well, I also checked the spam bin cus I was hungry...

You know who you are. In fact, I think it's pretty much all six or seven of my regular readers who won. SO TELL ME WHAT PICS YOU WANT!!! Please? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

BTW, could everyone make sure to check my food blog regularly cus the next post over there will be titled "Barbecued Kangaroo Balls" and you sure don't wanna miss that!

And now...









How's abouts some more Parrot pictures. Yes, beamed directly from The Antipodes in New Holland to your computer... Parrot Pics!

two galahs five lorikeets
Oh yeah? Well I once caught a fish THIS big!

Hmmmmmm, as soon as those sunflower seeds ripen...
two galahs four lorikeets

You can tell this is the female flying off cus of the red eyes.
flying female galah

four lorikeets one sparrow
Call me rainbow.

The pigeons just don't look as graceful as the lories...
one pigeon three lorikeets one sparrow

scattering lorikeets
Everybody scatter! He's got a camera!!!

Time to regroup
three lorikeets two pigeons one sparrow

As cool as the flying one in the upper left looks, I like the way the bloke in the lower right is stepping forward.
funky lorikeets

glaring lorikeet
Which way to Kodiak?


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah, I like the one stepping forward! He looks like he is marching.
How about just sending some of your home-cooked food on over instead of a screen saver? I usually just have a pic of our boat on the computer, but we sure could use some of your holiday feast over here in the land of tacos and beans.

Ishmael said...

What kind of birds are those two kinda lavender ones in the first pic? They have smaller, smoother heads. Kinda pigeon-like....

Are you sure I haven't said what pictures I like? Because I'm pretty sure that's a shot of yours adorning my desktop that you sent me....

Regarding the last pic: I'm amazed at the colors in that critter. And the evil in his beady eye.

Fizzgig said...

even pigeons are prettier down under!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: I don't think the food would survive the journey. But I'd be happy to send you recipes, no worries.

Ish:The pigeons are Spotted Turtledoves. They are native to India and were brought over to Melbourne in the 1860's. Some bozo wanted them on his property for hunting cus when flushed they all fly off at once and together. The jerk... That's also how rabbits got here. Some idiot wanted to hunt rabbits on his property here. 12 rabbits in the early 1800's and now they are a pest. Same with the spotted turtledoves as they out compete the endemic pigeons for grub.

The contest I was referring to was the second one; the caption contest. Yes, I'll make you more wallpapers, no worries.

Regarding the last pic... It's not a pic, it's a special java mirror routine that reflects whatever the user looks like. Evil beady eyes and all!

Fizzgig: The native crested pigeons are even cooler looking. Next time they are around I'll get some shots.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are amish lorries?

Alaska Steve said...

Best bird photos on the web, as usual! Cheers, Steve

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

ScienceBloke: Are you referring to the pic where they scatter from the camera?

Alaska Steve: Ummm, gosh, thanks mate! You need to put more eagle pics up.