Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Conversation With Wifey-Poo

Just a reminder, YT is Yours Truly (that'd be me) and WP is Wifey-Poo.

*YT goes out the door to his kitchen on the patio where a chicken carcass is simmering for soup*

YT: Honey, I'm gonna go check the soup.

WP: Yes dear. *maybe he'll stay out this time...*

YT: Mmmmm! Smells great! In about an hour I'll debone the meat and adjust the seasonings.

WP: Wow! That does smell good! *WOW! It really does, amazing*

*YT walks back in*

YT: I wonder if that place in France makes really bright chicken soup?


YT: Oh come on. You know... Carcassonne?

*WP sobs uncontrollably*

Meanwhile, back at the bird ranch...

There's been a pair of newbies hanging around early mornings for the last couple of days. They show up when the large flock of sulfur cockatoos show up. They don't stay very long. Two days ago was the first chance I had to get good pics of them as they actually stayed after sunrise.

I'll give a parrot screensaver or wallpaper to the first non-aussie who can identify this bugga. No, you don't need to say whether it's male or female.

Oi, mate! What am I?

Guesses are now open. And yesterday's number quiz is still going on too.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

He is a boxer and has a black eye.

Marie said...

Do I count as a non-Aussie? I mean, I've got Swedish citizenship now...

Looks like a corella to me, possibly a Little Corella rather than the long beaked one, though I'd need to see a profile shot to be certain.

Watch that beak - they bite HARD.

KC said...

My first guess is that it's a bird. Failing that, my second guess is it's some sort of non-terrestrial Orangutan.

I hope you're proud of yourself, because you've probably made me late for work (I kept going, "hey, maybe it's a... no. What about... No"), but I think what you have there is a Western Corella.

And if its none of those, it's a funny looking, seriously deformed bull Moose. And I defy you to prove otherwise.

KC said...

Oh. No sooner do I put that up than I think I might want to check its endemic range. You know, before I go spouting off on the interwebs.

I'm changing my answer to "Little Corella," and/or "bull Moose" on the basis that the odds of you seeing one of those is markedly higher.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Hey, I like it!

Marie: And you call yourself a South Aussie! Not even being able to tell a long beaked corella from a little corella! Hmmph! Anyways, I'll make you a screensaver or wallpapers anyways cus I know your hubby likes the bird pics. Wouldn't want to see viking longboats coming up the Murray for an invasion... Trawl the archives, pic 10 or so bird pics you want, let me know which ones and let me know whether you want a screensaver or as wallpapers.

KC: Yup, definitely a non-terrestrial orangulactatingtang, you nailed it! A bull moose with a black eye? And yes, I am proud of myself! Why, does it show?

KC: So, how are those polar bears in Squarebanks doing this year? LOL! Yes, it's a Little Corella. Trawl through my bird pics and pick 10 or so for a screensaver or wallpaper. Drop me a line at

Ishmael said...

Ugliest. Bird. Ever.

Though it looks happy....

A clown bird?