Monday, November 03, 2008

Upcoming Events and The Amazing Acrobatic Rainbow Brothers!

Well, it's November 3rd down here in Oz. That means tomorrow is Tuesday, Nov 4th.

There are several very important things happening that day. The most important is that it's wifey-poo's birthday. It's also the day before Guy Fawkes night so you better get your bonfires ready.

Aaaaannnnnndddd there's a big horsey race over in Melbourne. It's pronounced Melbin, BTW. Us South Aussies don't get the day off for their horse race, but we do get Adelaide Cup Day off. Obviously, the Victorians and New South Welshmen take the day off for The Melbourne Cup.

There are, however, many pubs, clubs, hotels, casinos, and of course the local race tracks around Adelaide that have Melbourne Cup parties. In fact, here's an add for one of them (I kid you not!):

melbourne cup advert

And what magazine is this from? It's from the Marion City Limits Spring 08 issue. Distributed free to all households in the city of Marion (part of the Adelaide Metropolitan area).

Morphettville race track has been running this type of ad for as long as I've been down here for all the major races. Guess what? NO ONE COMPLAINS! Possibly cus there aren't a bunch of stuck up prudes down in Oz? Either that or we're all just a bunch of perverts. You decide.

And now...

(drum roll please)

Please welcome this Circus' newest attraction:

(longer drum roll)

The Amazing Acrobatic Rainbow Brothers!

lorikeets fighting 01

lorikeets fighting 02

lorikeets fighting 03

lorikeets fighting 04

Let's give 'em a big and folks! Especially since they don't have any...

I almost forgot... there's some kinda election going on in some country waaaaay up north. EVERYONE VOTE!!! Let's make ole SP realize that you better be careful of who you step on as you climb the ladder, cus you'll be meeting them on your way back down!

Wouldn't it be great if someone hands her a bag of skittles and asks her to "Taste the rainbow?" Nah, she wouldn't get it.


I almost forgot to let y'all know about the weather here today. 79 in the shade, 119 in the sun, and 78 water temp in the pool. Yes, that is in Fartenheight for those of you who are mathematically disinclined.


Fizzgig said...

these birds are so much bigger than thye look when they are alone. Dang! I pictured them parakeet size!

KC said...

Hmmh. Make me do math to put that in proper units. Either system, that qualifies as `Damn Hot,` though.

Those pictures look great. The colour really stands out with the dark background. Contrast and all that good jazz. Are Lorikeets crepuscular?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Fizzgig: The rainbow lorikeets are about 10 to 12 inches from head to tail. Smaller than the galahs, and waaay smaller than the cockies. As I type this there's three of them on the "swing set", very pretty.

KC: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you could do the math, no worries. It's not damn hot though, still spring...

I was playing around with the exposure settings as the automatics wanted to select the background and the lories were washed out. After getting the exposure right with the manual settings I didn't have to do anything in the computer for those colours: that's how the actually look!

They aren't crepuscular. Sleep all night, wake up hungry, find food early, fly around all day, sit in the trees and chatter, have a snack at midday, chatter some more in the tress, get dinner at bedtime (sunset), sleep all night and then do it all the next day.

What a life...

No natural predators do the australian parrots have.

Ishmael said...

Damned glad it wasn't 119 C, because I'm pretty sure you'd have a dry pool after a while.

Suzer said...

Does anyone celebrate Guy Fawkes here? I thought it was banned due to concerns about the f! Seems ages ago we were in NZ for it, but the fireworks last year were stellar.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ishmael: Your powers of deduction continue to amaze me...

Suzer: Oi! How ya been? Regarding Guy Fawkes night, sadly, the fire season has started way too early this year. Just the other day a bloke almost burned his house down from a spark off his lawnmower. Gonna be a hot summer...