Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heat, Tomatoes, Parrots

Shall we just tackle these in order? Yes, let's do!

Forecast for today is 97 in the shade, high haze, and hot northerly breezes. Temp right now at the ole homestead is a nice, balmy, cool, 101 in the shade and a pool water temp of 82 F. Sun temp is starting to get up into summer-type temps, 128 F and climbing.

This means that I finally didn't have to split any wood for the furnace today. In fact, there's even been mention of cranking on the a/c... But that's just crazy talk!

Sarah Palin is coming for YOUR SOOOOUUUULLLLLL!
launching galah
along with the Dread Pirate Roberts...


The tomatoes are quite happy, in fact there's now over 200... Would you like to know how to grow good tomatoes?

First, when you pot them out don't just use potting soil. Mix half potting soil and half dried cow manure. Water it well... Ya just gotta get that nice, earthy, manure, CRAP, smell in the dirt where you'll be shovin' them thar tomato(e) plants in.

Water daily, make sure you have well-drained soil, and top-dress with dried cow crap once a week. And plant some basil in among your tomato plants. Also, leave at least 1 metre between your plants cus them thar suckers are gonna go like crazy!

Prune any suckers that show up, and also prune the lower leaves as the top stalks start to fruit. However, only prune trusses if the leaves show a bit of yellowing.

Does Polly wanna finger?
polly wanna finger

Loopers (caterpillars) are deadly to basil and tomatoes. Fortunately, there's a biologic (bacteria) you can get the kills caterpillars without harming any other insects, nor birds, fish, mammals. It's good stuff.

Whoops, just got back from the pool... did y'all take a break for 3 hours? Hmmmmmm, perhaps I should give you a warning next time I go in the pool during a post, eh?

Well, have some more birdie pics, heck they're just taking up space on the fourth external hard drive anyway...
evil eye

acrobatic parrots

Sarah Palin Slaying The Non-Believers!


Marie said...

I really miss growing my own tomatoes. We used to grow Roma tomatoes, Grosse Lisse and one called Mighty Red, which was apparently suited to SA growing conditions. They always went crazy and if you had a heat wave, you'd have kilos and kilos of them ready all on the same day. There really is no better tasting tomato than the home grown variety.

Hmm...I don't think Sarah is liking the criticism of her wardrobe budget....those jumped up lorikeets in the Republican Party better watch out :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Marie: You are definitely right! The Mighty Red tomatoes do love it down here. The hotter the better. This year we've got 6 Mighty Red's 2 Grosse Lisse's and 1 Truss. Ole SP does not take criticism well! Apparantly I'm a blogger who blogs in my pajamas from my parents' basement :)

Alaska Steve said...

Dave, I'm going crazy with jealousy, you know any tomatos out here on the Aleutians are pretty crappy unless you get the $6/pound ones from the Anchorage hothouses, and as for pools - well, the Bering Sea is right there, but it doesn't look all that inviting . . .

Fizzgig said...

the first bird does look evil!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska Steve: How about building your own small hothouse? As far as the Bering Sea goes for swimming... brrrrrrr! But, but... if you go to the south side isn't that technicality the Pacific Ocean???? Should be much warmer than the Bering Sea!

Fizzgig: They look mean, but the galahs are big wusses.

Ishmael said...

That's the clearest picture of yourself you've posted, and it just struck me -- You used to play flute for Jethro Tull, didn't you?