Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold, Frigid, Antarctic Spring...

Did you know that we have penguins down here in South Oz? Yep, there's a colony of little blue penguins down on Granite Island. You can take a horsedrawn tram across the 632 metre long causeway connecting the island to the mainland.

That reminds me, I really need to write up a post about them thar big ole Shire horses that pull the trams. I gots pictures, even.

But not today. Why? Cus I'm lazy and don't feel like trawling through all the pics and writing up an article. Besides, I'm making a feast tonight so I don't have much time.

If y'alls int'ressed, the feast is two sushi platters, steamed mussels marinated in white wine, grill basa (it's a fish), roasted herbed spuds, and some coleslaw (had to do something with the cabbage before it went bung).

Today will be about the freezing cold temps we get down here in South Oz that supports them little penguins. There'll also be some parrot pictures; some horrid, some not so horrid.

It's late afternoon and the shade temp is a whole whopping 75 F. Temp in the sun barely hit's the mid 90's. I had to put on a flannel shirt to hike up to the shops earlier. Blech. Needed a wetsuit for the pool cus it's not even 80 F in the water.

I've turned into SUCH a WUSS!!!! Did you know I used to take the trash out at -30 F barefoot?

Anyways, I'll give you some purdy birdy pics for reading all that above junk.

First, one that shows my absolute and utter lack of getting the darned cockatoos to land where I tell them:
3 cockatoos

And here's one showing my inability to get the entire subject in the shot:
3 more cockatoos

This next one coulda been so good...
flying cockatoo

And even when you get it all lined up, some little green twit lands in front of the subject:

At least the blurred wings look kinda cool:
six lorikeets one galah


Marie said...

Are those cute little guys still out on Granite Island? I admit to being lazier than you - I used to just go watch them at the Adelaide Zoo.

We have frost this morning, with a temperature at 9.30am of 30. Sadly, that's 30 Fahrenheit. I'm converting to Fahrenheit for the winter because 30F sounds so much warmer than -1C.

Anonymous said...

It seems you have adapted and grown accustomed to your warm weatherd environment quite well.

Fizzgig said...

ugh. it snowed here this wknd. Although, I also couldn't handle temps above 80. I start to melt at 80. I think I need to move to san deigo!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Marie: Yup. The colony is stable at around 2000 of the little buggas. You're still only allowed on the island after they've left for the ocean at sunrise, and to see them return at sunset you've got to be on the guided tours. No flash and no obstructing. They've put in a very nice trail network on the island and some of the weathered rocks are just the same as The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island.

Frost... BRRRRRR. I can think in degrees C for warm temps, but I still think in F for cold temps.

Sciencebloke: We really are adaptable creatures, aren't we? I think the key is actually being out and doing things in the cold or hot climates. In Fairbanks the people who hated the winters never went more than 20 feet behind their heated homes, cars, or office. Same applies down here for those who don't like the heat: they never are far from the A/C. The ones who like either extreme are the ones out in it; you really do get used to it.

Fozzywoggle: But isn't shoveling snow a good workout? Ummmmm, if you don't like over 80, then why are you contemplating San Diego??? Or were you joking?

Alaska Steve said...

I'm too "well insulated" for 80 degrees anymore, after 20 years in AK and a good deal of fine lager . . . the feast does sound first rate, I'd trade crab from the freezer for a plate of leftovers . . .

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska Steve: I'd love to trade you for the crab. Unfortunately AQIS (Aussie Quarantine and whatever else it stands for) wouldn't let them in to the country.