Saturday, November 01, 2008

Australian Parrot Pictures

Well, this should get a fair few hits. Probably folks who aren't looking for RED HOT NAKED SARAH PALIN BREAST PICTURES!

I have absolutely nothing to say. Ah, that's not true... I just forgot all the good funny stuff I said yesterday. Hmmmm, guess that fourth bottle of wine last night musta did in my short term mammary (memory) recall. Maybe. Perhaps. But it was a nice All Hallow's Eve! I only spent a few hours on the other side, but at least it was enough to rejuvenate the horn and leathery wing growth.

Oops! You weren't supposed to know about that...

Moving on!

Parrot pics. I didn't put any cartoon balloon speech in any of them, but there are a few that were just begging for captions.

Fasten your seat belts and let us get started!

cockatoo on roof gutter
Those are big claws

I'm not sure what this pigeon did that so embarrassing, but doncha just love the dainty way the lorie is holding the sunflower seed?
embarassed pigeon

This next pic would have been awesome if the darned lories flew the direction they were told to. I'd pre-focused about 10 inches BEHIND them and to the left cus I'd told them to fly to the left. Hmmmph! See if they get any seeds tomorrow!
blurry lorikeet wings

Dontcha think he's outgrown his swing set?
hungry cockatoo

Well, since there's nothing else to do at 6 am...
feeding cockatoos

Just a tad bit over exposed... I was playing around with the manual settings.
over exposed cockatoo

Some days they don't want to share...
upset parrots

He just won't listen. I told him over and over again to land on the top of the feeder!
cockatoo landing wrong

Hold it... hold it... GOT IT!
flying galahs

See, SHE listens to me when I ask her to hold a pose!
male and female galah
Oh, you can tell the galah with the wings spread is a sheila cus of the red eyes. Her boy toy is next to her giving me the evil eye.

I got a new pool toy. It's an inflatable lounge! With arm and head rests! There's even a cup holder (beer holder) in each armrest, WOO-HOO! There's only one problem... the disclaimer...
warning label
Notice that word "competent"? I'm screwed...

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