Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free Sarah Palin Screensaver

Yes, yes, I know. I promised no more Naked Sarah Palin pics on my blog. But what about a screensaver you can download?

See, I was looking through the blog stats the other day and I noticed that this blog is still getting loads of hits from folks all over the world looking for pictures of the Gov of Alaska. You wouldn't believe some of these search queries... ahem...

So, here's a quick screensaver I whipped up this morning. It's a .scr for pc. Just download the zip file, extract the .scr from the zipped file, right click on the .scr, and scroll down the popup menu to "install". Feel free to run whatever virus scanner you want before you install it, no worries.

I PROMISE that these are pics of SP. No birds at all. Really! There's about 20 or so pics, random order, random transitions.

Just click on this zip file and then extract the files in the zip file.

And here's a couple of Aussie parrot pics to tide you over till next post:

I just wonder what the heck this blokette is looking for under her wing
galah scratching

glaring lorikeets
Are you having bad dreams of being chased by winged demons yet, Ishmael?


Ishmael said...

Oddly, the one on the right is scarier than the one looking right at the camera.....

Those blue feathers look too much like scales for my comfort....

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

To me the one on the right seems to have a kinda crazy look about him.