Friday, November 07, 2008


No guys, sorry. This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with the strip joint down on South Cushman Street in Squarebanks. You know, the one just past TESCO? On the right as you're heading to the four-wheeler playground past Van Horn and redneck hangout down by the Tanana with all the broken beer bottles? It's the one with the second story rooms around the back... With a walk-around balcony and stairs leading up to the private rooms from the back alleyway. It's real close to the army base right next to downtown... Ft Wainwright. Oh, c'mon! You know! It's got those cheesy limo's parked out front! It's nickname is Infections. You know, the one the Governor used to work at?

Well, at least that's what I heard.

And this post has nothing to do with that place.

Yesterday I had to clear some of the vines around the north side of the ole homestead. The vines pretty much grow over and through the brush fence and it looks pretty darned cool. However, it does make it kinda difficult to get to the power junction for the house.

So I went vine clearin' and also de-webbed that side of the house. While there, I noticed a moth. He (or she) was on the window frame right next to the glass. See, have a looksie:
moth reflecting

Oops, maybe you can't see that too well. How's abouts we zoom in a bit:
moth reflecting closeup

Well, I thought it was worth a picture or twenty...

And now, some shots that just didn't turn out right and further reconfirms my utter lack of fauxtahgriffy (and spelling) skills:
blurry birds 01
Ummm, don't ask and I won't tell...

blurry palm tree
I really was trying to catch a bird in flight!

blurry birds 03
So close, yet so darned far away...

blurry birds 02
Damn! This'n coulda been sweet...

The little buggers then took pity on me and retreated to a tree and actually STAYED PUT for a bit:
shy rainbow lorikeet 01

shy rainbow lorikeet 02

And then I was saved by the Amazing Acrobatic Rainbow Brothers:
parrots on swing set 01

parrots on swing set 02

parrots on swing set 03

parrots on swing set 04
Oi, mate! 'Ave 'u been eatin' corn chips?

parrots on swing set 05

And the crowd goes wild! NOT!
stuck up lorikeets

And look, now they're auditioning for The Simpsons!
scratch that itch
You know... The Itchy and Scratchy Show?

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