Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Wattling Around

Isn't "wattle" one of those cool words that's fun to say? Try it! Wattle. Wattle. Wattle. See what I mean. Kinda like "smock" and "fractal". Of course one of the neatest words to say is Big Bird's pronunskeeashun of the English alphabet. If you don't know what I'm talking about then, well, tough.

So wattle what? Yep, I heard you say that even through many miles of fibre-optic cable laid (what lucky cable) down over the ocean floor.

Wattlebirds are a type of honeyeater. And they are huge for a honeyeater. Like all honeyeaters they also eat bugs --the flying type. I know have a pair a red wattlebirds hanging out (probably fornicating and nesting) in the backyard since I tend to bug everyone.

The buggas are also very difficult to photograph. They never stay in one place too long --measured in nanoseconds, of course-- so it can be difficult (bloody well impossible) to get good, closeup pics of them showing their wattles.

Oh, if you don't know what "wattle" means then you may want to check out "the google", jus' sayin'.

Before I show you the most awesome pics of a male red wattlebird, I do believe that I should say or type something funny. Why? Well --for some unkown raisin-- I've been told that I'm funny. Sheeesh, you should see me when I first get up in the morning if you want funny!

How's abouts a crowd favourite...

Another conversation with Wifey-Poo!

Remember, YT is me (Yours Truly) and WP is Wifey-Poo (the most wonderful woman in the entire world).

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go.

YT: *comes in from outside* Mmmmm, I just ate my most favourite thing in the whole wide world.

WP: That's nice dear. *WTF is he going to babble on about now???*

YT: Yep, after I make rosti out on the hotplate of the grill I like to pick at the leftover, melted, solidified cheese the next day on the hotplate.

WP: I'm sure it was good. *OMG I did not need to hear that!*

YT: But last night as I was taking the last piece of rosti off the grill, a big ole hunk of melted cheese and shredded potato splattered onto the hotplate!


YT: Yup, darned tasty this morning! Of course I had to pick at the sides of the hotplate to get all the leftover melted fried cheese from last night too.

WP:... *I'm going to be sick*

YT: Mmmmm, kiss me honey!

WP: Get. A. Way. From. Me.

Ok, here's the purdy burdy pics:

red wattle bird 01

red wattle bird 02

red wattle bird 03


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ick. Poor WP.
I am going to go t-shirt shopping soon!!!! Work is getting in the way of my life...

Anonymous said...

Haha. I see that since I spoiled your fractal fun, you moved it here.

Fizzgig said...

thats really cute, it looks kind of like a road runner...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: But it TASTES GOOD!!! Ugh, work... And, ummmm, you really don't need to go t-shirt shopping; I only mentioned those cus you *did* ask :)

Sciencebloke: You know me, any excuse for a funny post! 'Sides, didn't want to hijack your comments too much.

Fizzygiggle: Yeah, hadn't thought of the road runner look. Guess I need to contact Acme to catch one, eh?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Do you like Southpark? Or just Disney? Having trouble finding a goofy shirt... How about do you hate Walmart? I have to find good ones... got the package but haven't watched yet - saving them for when we can 100% enjoy, popcorn, beer, nuts, wine, the whole enjoyment thing!
There is a good store in Ventura that I can find some funny ones in - just got to get over there!