Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bloody Cold Winter Weather!!!!

Bah! Crikey, mate. Can't wait till spring is here! Blech! This cold has JUST GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, c'MON! 'ere it 'tis, lunchtime... and the SHADE temp is only a bloomin' 72 F?! I mean, like WTF????? Sun temp has only JUST now got(ten) (thanks Sarah Palin) over 100 F. Water temp in the pool is a bloody ICY COLD 68 F!! I mean, C'MON! How can any bloke be expected to work in these conditions?

Blarf, phloog, blargle-doop!


Nothing left 'cept to go for a swim in the FROZEN pool! Sigh... I hope the parrots don't dive bomb me much this arvo...

Dang, bloody-well glad winter is over! Can't wait for it to start to think about maybe warming up a wee bit!!!!!!

picnic in the pool
Oi! When's it gonna warm up?

Hey now! Just don't call my mom any mean names!

UPDATE: Bleah... 75 is the shade... Dang happy to finally be able to take the jacket off and not have to wear boots!

UPDATE: One of my self-seeded sunflower plants (that seeded itself in the middle of winter in a pot with one of my palm trees) is getting ready to flower. Here's a pic of the early bud, you can see the yellow on the flower already. Please notice the fuzz on the bud... even the sunflowers are felling the COLD!
sunflower bud


Mel Keegan said...

It's inhuman, absolutely inhuman. How could anyone be expected to live, let alone work, under such horrific conditions? There ought to be a law against it. Sheesh. Dave: you have my most sincere sympathies: I shall send you a care package, full of warm socks and chapsticks and woolly mittens.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mel: And don't forget the Bunny Boots from Big Ray's on Second Avenue; it's right next to the Co-Op Mall!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Temp here in Anchorage today might be 53F, raining. Forecast is upper 40s tonight, more rain. And did I mention snow on the tips of the mountains this morning?

Even the cats aren't happy with being outside.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Toshua: hmmmm, termination dust... guess your warm, glorious summer is over, eh? :) Seriously though, your two cats have a boatload of fur; what's their problem with cold? JJ and I are heading to Belair on Friday as the weather should be warm and I'll see about getting some good koala pics.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Love your set up in the pool. We came close to putting a kiddie blow up pool in the cockpit, but the one I found ended up being too big. Took it back and they were out of the smaller ones... Bummer. Hot here.
How many hits a day are you getting from "Sarah Palin" mentions? I still get hits from my "penguins have an organ in their foreheads that convert sea water to fresh water"...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Heather: I actually had dinner in the pool quite a few times during last summer's heat wave. You could always just plug the cockpit drain!
My Sarah Palin posts got me over 400 one day. Not a lot compared to some, but I was pleased; quite a few of them looked through the archives too (never underestimate the lure of exotic bird pics). I liked your penguin post, BTW. I didn't know that little fact about them till I saw your post about it.
Someday I'll get around to writing up a post about the penguins down here in South Oz.