Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Naked In Action With Bodyguards

I awoke to the sound of a huge commotion happening outside! I grabbed the camera, then I remembered my robe (brrrrr, cold this morning), and I stealthily sneaked outside to get some illicit pictures of the ruckus...




OW! stubbed me toe


What did I see? I had stumbled into a SECRET MEETING with A NAKED SARAH PALIN SHOWING HER PINK BREASTS, HER NAKED HUSBAND, a whole buncha SECRET SERVICE BODYGUARDS, and a GODLESS COMMIE RUSSIAN SPY who was trying vainly to fit in!

WOW!!!! I've just got to get shots of this! Heck, The National Enquirer would pay biiiig money for these!

I slowly crept around the trees and bushes while keeping myself hidden. The wall of ferns growing between me and the secret meeting table made great camouflage...

First I got a shot of them all descending down to the TOP SECRET MEETING, the SECRET SERVICE AGENT was patrolling the perimeter, while a NAKED SARAH PALIN and her husband came (snicker) swooping in. I thought for sure they'd notice the GODLESS COMMIE RUSSIAN SPY SHE LIVES RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO, but they didn't:
3 galahs and one cockatoo

As the meeting progressed, I got many candid shots, but then the SECRET SERVICE AGENT noticed me! He's the one on the upper right of the pic
six galahs

Before I could be apprehended, the GODLESS COMMIE RUSSIAN SPY burst into the meeting! He cowered the NAKED HUSBAND OF SARAH PALIN, and then A NAKED SARAH PALIN herself swooped down to do battle!
two galahs and one cockatoo
Help me Sarah, save me with your sexiness!

With everyone frightened and run away, the NAKED SARAH PALIN then decided to have her way with the GODLESS COMMIE RUSSIAN SPY! Naturally, after she found out that the GODLESS COMMIE RUSSIANS have waaaay more oil that the US, she bowed down before the the BIG OIL KING!

awesome galah wingspread

Hmmmm, anyone know the email for The National Enquirer?


Ishmael said...

Alrighty, I'd like one of each of these for my prize.

Man, you need to turn these into a book. It would sell millions. but you need to do it in the next six weeks.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

No worries Ish. Just made all four of them from the original files to fit your screen, 1680 x 1050. One of them turned out 1048 instead of 1050, but hey, it's free!

Drop me an email


so that I can send them to you. Each pic is 1.5 megs.

I was thinking about doing zazzle merchandise with my parrot pics, and yeah, if they'll be funny Sarah Pukin pics then I'd better get them up quick!